NFL Power Index 12-23



pats 2 =3

1, Patriots 12-3 (1) Will have home field through out.  Look out the Pats play defense now.

seahawks2. Seahawks 11-4 (2) The Legion Of Boom is officially back.  One win away from clinching home field through out the playoffs.

G Green Bay 23. Packers 11-4 (3) That loss to Buffalo will cost them home field through out the playoffs.  Still Rodgers who was white hot has cooled off but he is still very dangerous.

broncos 24. Broncos 11-4 (4) Won’t drop them off a loss but I keep saying it.  Something is missing.

lions 25. Lions 11-4 (7) Huge game for the division title and a bye next week in GB.

cowboys6. Cowboys 11-8 (8) Long shot for a bye.  I would sit Murray and Romo.

steelers7. Steelers 10-5 (UR) Plays down to their competition.  Not a problem in the playoffs.

colts 28. Colts 10-5 (5) Still waiting for them to show up in allas

cards 29, Cardinals 11-44 (6) Taking auditions for QB

bengals 210. Bengals 10-4-1 (UR) Huge win over Denver.  Another winner take all game next week against the Steelers.

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