NFL Power Index 12-15




patriots 31. Patriots 11-3 (2)  Will have home field throughout plus a defense now.

seahawks 22. Seahawks 10-4 (3) Plays Arizona next week for the division and possible one seed.

Packers 43. Packers 10-4 (1) Huge game to lose.  Might have lost the division with that loss.

Broncos4. Broncos 11-3 (4) Something seems like it is missing.  Right?

colts 35. Colts 10-4 (5) Will only ride as far as Luck takes them.

cardinals 36. Cardinals 11-3 (6) Very tall order winning in Seattle with a third string QB.

lions 37. Lions 10-4 (7) Must not over look the Bears before winner take all game vs the Packers.

cowboys 48. Cowboys 10-4 (9) Shocked me with win last night in Philly.  Will never believe in Romo until he does something.

Eagles 49. Eagles 9-5 (8) Brutal loss after nice comeback.  2 tough division games await them

bills 210. Bills 8-8 (UR) Beat 2 teams on this list.  Need to win out which includes beating the Pats.

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