NFL Power Index 12-1




  1. Packers 4Green Bay Packers 9-3 (2)  Kept rolling winning a well played game against the Patriots.
  2. patriots 3New England Patriots 9-3 (1) Could have very easily won yesterday.
  3. BroncosDenver Broncos 9-3 (3) Won a huge divisional game yesterday.  Must have home field to get to the Super Bowl.
  4. seahawks 2Seattle Seahawks 8-4 (9) Huge jump for the defending champs.  Old school type of win on Turkey day.
  5. Eagles 4Philadelphia Eagles 9-3 (7) Huge test at home this week against the suddenly surging Seahawks
  6. colts 3Indianapolis Colts 8-4 (6) Their defense will hold them back.
  7. Bengals 2Cincinnati Bengals 8-3-1 (8) Very inconsistent but probably wins the division.  Very talented team though.
  8. cardinals 3Arizona Cardinals 9-3 (4) Drew Stanton is not the answer.  All their hard work almost down the drain.
  9. lions 3Detroit Lions 8-4 (10) Beware Megatron is back.
  10. cowboys 4Dallas Cowboys 8-4 (5) Critical game this Thursday for their ego and psyche as well as division title hopes.

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