NFL Power Index 11-26





New England Patriots

  1. New England Patriots 8-3 (3) Brady & The Pats keep rolling.  Another game of the year awaits them this weekend.

Green Bay Packers

  1. Green Bay Packers 8-3 (3)  Rodgers and the Pack keep rolling.  Potential Super Bowl preview this Sunday


Denver Broncos

  1. Denver broncos 8-3 (4)  Peyton must drag team out of funk.  Showed a lot of life last week vs the Dolphins

Arizona Cardinals

  1. Arizona Cardinals 9-2 (2)  Bound to lose a game.  Still in drivers seat in the NFC West.

Dallas Cowboys

  1. Dallas Cowboys 8-3 (5) Just the type of win you want to see last weekend in NY.  Big 3 weeks ahead with the Eagles twice.

Indianapolis Colts

  1. Indianapolis Colts 7-4 (7) See saw kind of season for Luck and the Colts.

Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Philadelphia Eagles 8-3 (9) Big Turkey day game in Dallas

Cincinnatti Bengals

  1. Cincinnati Bengals 7-3-1 (10) Anyone can win the AFC North.  Bengals are the flavor of the week.  They have the most complete team.

Seattle Seahawks

  1. Seattle Seahawks 7-4 (UR) Maybe starting to right the ship with lopsided win vs the Cardinals last week.  Big game vs the Niners this week.

Detroit Lions

  1. Detroit Lions 7-4 (6)  Having lost 2 in a row this week is must win for this team.


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