nflNFL Power Index 11-11

pats 21.  New England Patriots 7-2 (1)  Haven’t we been here before.

cards 22.  Arizona Cardinals 8-1 (2)  Drew Stanton is the guy now.  Bruce Arianas already said he can win the Super Bowl with Stanton.

D Denver3.  Denver Broncos 7-2 (3)  Back on track vs the hapless Raiders.

colts 24.  Indianapolis Colts 6-3 (4)  Defense needs to get to the level of Luck’s offense.

lions 25.  Detroit Lions 7-2 (5)  Lions are for real.  No longer shooting themselves in the foot.

G Green Bay 26.  Green Bay Packers 6-3 (7)  Another superior effort by Rodgers and his crew.

eagles 27.  Philadelphia Eagles 7-2 (8)  Can the Sanchise keep this team on track.

cowboys8.  Dallas Cowboys 7-3 (UR)  Ho hum win in London.  Is their turmoil in Big D.  Need a healthy Romo if they want to do anything this year.

seahawks9.  Seattle Seahawks 6-3 (UR)  Welcome to the list defending champions.

Browns10. Cleveland Browns 6-3 (UR)  Welcome back to the big time.  Rex Ryan’s coaching tree has begun.

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