NFL Power Index 11-1

NFL Power Index for 11-1


1.  Denver Broncos–Last week # 1.  No doubt about it.  the best team in the NFL.  Must finish with a Super Bowl win.


2.  New England Patriots–Last week # 3.  Huge game in Foxboro this week for the top spot in the AFC.


3.  Arizona Cardinals–Last Week # 3.  Won games with back up quarterbacks.  Big win against the Eagles last week.  A win this week could have them on the fast track for the # 1 seed.  But key division games are coming.


4.  Detroit Lions–Last week # 7.  Still winning without Megatron and winning games they lost the last few years.


5.   Indianapolis Colts–Last Week # 2.  Need to be better on defense.  Must protect Luck a whole lot better.


6.  Cincinnatti Bengals–Last Week Un Ranked.  Huge win over the Ravens.  But this division will be a dog fight.


7.  Green Bay Packers–Last Week # 8.  Assuming Rodgers is okay.  This is a playoff team.


8.  Philadelphia Eagles-Last Week # 4.  Tough loss in Arizona.  Tricky game in Houston this week.


9.  Dallas Cowboys–Last Week # 5.  Season depends on the health of Tony Romo.  Real tough game vs the Cardinals this week.


10.  Baltimore Ravens–Last Week # 9.  Tough loss last week.  Huge game vs the suddenly surging Steelers Sunday night.

Where are these teams???

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are on the cusp of the top ten.  I just need to see more.  The Buffalo Bills I think need to show a bit more.  Sammy Watkins is the truth.  The Pittsburgh Steelers need to win tomorrow night to show me they are truly back.

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