After going 3-4 to drop to 25-27 for the season I got 10 selections today.

Bucs 1Take the Bucs plus the 3 at Carolina.  No Cam Newton for the Panthers and the Bucs play hard every week.

SteelersTake the Steelers minus 3 and the over of 55 at Atlanta.  No Julio Jones hurts the Falcons and my fantasy team today but not the Over.  Pitt will put up forty points today.

RavensTake the Ravens -14 at home vs Jacksonville.  Ravens will score early and often and blow away the Jaguars

patriots 3Take the Patriots -9.5 at home vs Miami.  The Dolphins won’t sweep the the Pats.  Maybe they back door the cover.  But I think pats win easily and clinch the division.

JNY Jets 2Take the Jets -3 at Tennessee.  I may regret this one.  But the jets will rush the ball over 40 times for 200 plus yards today.

seahawks 2Take Seattle at home -9.5 vs the 49errs.  Harbaugh and the Niners are done.  Do they play for pride here?  Seattle is looking to win out and win the division.

lions 3Take the Lion-7.5 at home vs the Vikings.  Megatron is back on track.  Now the rest of the team follows suit too.

Eagles 4Take the Eagles -3.5 and the over 54.5 at home vs the Cowboys.  Cowgirls play better but still lose a shoot out as Philly wraps up the division.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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