NFL Plays Of The Day 11-2




NFL Plays Of The Day 11-2



Take the Cardinals plus 1 in Dallas.  Whether Romo plays or not I still like Arizona.  Romo is one hit away from calling it a career.  Carson Palmer and the Cardinals are rolling now.


Take the Seahawks -13.5 at home vs the Raiders.  The Raiders have no wins yet.  If the whole league wants to take Seattle serious again they need to lay the wood on the Raiders.


Take the Bengals -10.5 at home vs the Jaguars.  No Giovanni Bernard or EJ Green.  No problem. This game is won by the Bengals defense.

Broncos PatriotsOver in the Denver/New England 54 points.  Just another chapter in the Manning/Brady story.


Texans plus 1.5 at home vs the Eagles.  Texans are a live dog at home.  The only thing stopping them from being a top team is the lack of a great starting quarterback.  Watt is a game wrecker and if Clowney is healthy that will be tough to deal with.


Take the Chiefs -9 at home vs the Jets.  The Jets are spiraling out of control.  Andy Reid has the Chiefs heading in the right direction.

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