NFL One Liners Week 8


Bills—Nate Peterman returns.

Dolphins—Brock or Tannehill.

Jets—Does 90 million buy you the right skill position players.

Patriots—No such thing as a trap game.


Bengals—Almost blew the game last week.

Browns—Most dysfunctional organization in pro sports.

Ravens—Will Flacco be the QB next year.

Steelers—Keep rolling on.


Colts—Colts have money to spend to get Luck toys.

Jaguars—Seems like last year when they man handled the Patriots.

Texans—Look who is in first place.  Watson is a winner.

Titans—Mariotta needs to play better.


Broncos—Elway is searching for his next quarterback.

Chargers—Would be a nice win in Seattle.

Chiefs—Need to shore up the defense.

Raiders—Worst team in the NFL.


Cowboys—Bold move getting Amari Cooper.

Eagles—Huge move in getting Golden Tate.

Giants—Backup QB gets arrested.  Franchise has hit rock bottom.

Redskins—Worst first place team in the NFL.


Bears—Free win this week vs the Bills?

Lions—What does trading Golden Tate mean?

Packers—When you fumble the kickoff in the last 2 minutes of the game preventing 12 from getting a chance to win the game you get traded.

Vikings—Blown out at home by the Saints is not a good sign.


Buccaneers—Is Winston done in Tampa?

Falcons—Every game is a must win now for the Falcons.

Panthers—Hard to believe they are 5-2.

Saints—A win over the Rams would cement the Saints as the best team in the  NFC.


49ers—Developing players for the future.

Cardinals—Should have traded some players for picks.

Rams—Would they still be undefeated if 12 had a chance last week?

Seahawks—If this team makes the playoffs it would be Pete Carroll’s best performance.

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