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As a Giants fan I am embarrassed for Coach Coughlin, The Mara and Tisch family and the entire organization for the antics this team put on display last week against Tennessee.  To celebrate a touchdown that was called back when your overall play this season is going to cost your head coach his job is despicable.  This team has so under performed all year long and now for the second year in a row.  Show some class boys please.  The Titans are a joke and your celebrating beating a terrible team.

Hey out of all 16 NFL games this week the only 2 games that don’t have any teams fighing for a playoff spot are the Giants vs the Redskins and the Jets vs the Titans.  Thank god for direct tv in NY.

Eagles 4

The Eagle fan is very cocky and arrogant.  That is was.  I should know cause I know one.  I had told him Mark Sanchez will never come from behind to win a game when down by 2 scores.  He is a game manager and needs to have a good running game to be a good quarterback.  Look at last week’s game vs the Seahawks.  Down by 10 and the defense recovers a fumble in pretty good field position.  The very next play Sanchass gives the ball back on a pick.  I have seen this for 4 years as a Jet and I thought he was average at USC.  He has weapons now and he still is average at best.

Redskins 2

I remember back when RG3 was a rookie and I got into a heated debate on Facebook with 2 friends.  One is a fellow Giant fan who lives in the shadow of Jerry’s Kids in Texas.  The other is a Cowgirl fan living in Texas.  You know where this is going. (AO)  The debate was how scared they were of RG3 being in the division and how good the ScumSkins will be for years to come.  I told both of them that RG3 would be out of the league in 5 years or at least a non factor by then.  Guess who is winning that debate now.  His style of play just does not work in the NFL in the long run.  Defensive players are too big, too strong, too fast to escape with your legs all the time.  Defensive minded coaches are too smart to not find a way to contain that kind of player.  Especially when your a cement head like RG3 who still has not learned how to slide the right way.  That trade has set back this franchise for years and will continue to do so until the owner is ready to pull the plug on RG3.

cowboys 4

Speaking of Jerry’s Kids.  They will not make the playoffs if they lose this week in Philly.  And after the game on Turkey day I don’t see a different outcome.  Chip Kelly called off the dogs and no doubt saved some wrinkles for this game.

I would talk about the NFC South but I don’t want to waste my breath.  The fact that a team will make the playoffs under .500 is a joke.

cardinals 3

I am surprised the Cardinals won their last 2 games.  Sadly though Drew Stanton may be out a while which spells bad news for this team.  While I don’t think he is the answer but now you are on your third QB and after next week they will have lost home field through out the playoffs.  In fact I think they will lose their next 2 and be the 6 seed and play against the Eagles who will win the division.

jim harbaugh

Are things that bad for Jim Harbaugh?  Will he be the most sought after free agent in the off season?  Both NY teams the Bears and Raiders all will be looking for a new coach.  What will SF ask for in compensation.



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