NFL Divisional Weekend

NFL Playoffs

In the last big weekend of the NFL we have 4 games where 3 of them have live underdogs.  So let’s get started.

patriots 3Ravens

Patriots -7 47.5 against the Ravens.  We have been here before.  The Ravens have beaten the Pats twice in Foxboro in the playoffs.  The John Harbaugh/Joe Flacco team has been very successful in the playoffs which includes a Super Bowl.  The Pats haven’t won the big one in a while.  But they come into this game with the best defense they have had in a long time.  The Ravens are the most live dog this weekend.  This is the first game of the weekend and probably the best one.  I look for the pats to win a close one 24-20.  But this is an upset special.


seahawks 2panthers 2

Seahawks -11.5 40 against the Panthers. On paper and even on the field this looks like a mismatch.  How can the Panthers derail the red hot defending champion Seahawks?  is it really possible.  Anything Is possible.  But not here.  Seattle wins this one big 34-13.


Packers 4cowboys 4

Packers -6 52 against the Cowboys.  Everyone is talking about the injured calf of Aaron Rodgers.  That is not where this game gets decided.  If Dallas can’t run the ball effectively and keep the GB offense off the field this will be a long game.  Dallas needs a 35-40 minute time of possession number to effectively win this game.  The calf won’t be an issue and neither will the Cowboy running game.  Packers 31 Cowboys 17


Broncoscolts 3

Broncos -7 54 against the Colts.  Andrew Luck gives the Colts a punchers chance here.   One thing for sure is they will need to play better this week.  Denver has not exactly played great down the stretch and I still say something is missing.  Is that enough for the Colts to win.  Probably not.  Broncos win 31 to 27.

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