Warren Sapp you embarrassed yourself on National TV yesterday morning.  What a pity as I was starting to warm up to you.  Your hatred towards NY is just ridiculous.  What you said this morning on the NFL Network makes no sense.   I always knew you were a jealous person especially towards Michael Strahan who’s post NFL career destroys yours.  They were talking about JJ Watt’s MVP campaign and Sapp had said in is eyes he won’t be the MVP.  First of all Watt has been more dominant than you ever were.  But I actually feel he made good points.  He said for a defensive player to be MVP he has to just like an offensive player be game planned for and Watt isn’t.  He also said you need to make your teammates better and he pointed out that Watt is not double teamed a lot.  Then he brought up Lawrence Taylor and he said if he wasn’t in NY he would not have been MVP.  Hey Sapp are you nuts.  Your 3 reasons why Watt is not the MVP in your eyes are the 3 reasons why LT was MVP.  Not to mention LT changed the way defense is played.  If you don’t like him cause of his off the field issues then just say it.  But to say he was the MVP because he was in NY is just a dumb statement.  Ask Joe Gibbs and the Redskins about game planning for LT.  Ask Ron Jaworski.  Ask Joe Montana.  The late Bill Walsh has made some quotes too.  Nobody from your Buccanneer team did that.  None of your beloved “U” players get credit for changing the way defense is played now.  I know LT is not a good guy off the field.  But your job is to report facts about what happens on the field.

mariota shady

The hot rumor making the rounds now is will the Eagles dangle Shady McCoy for the first overall pick to the Buccaneers so Chip Kelly can get his guy Marcus Mariota.  And why not.  The Eagles don’t use Shady the right way.  The Eagle fan got real spoiled and cocky as Kelly rolled his offense into the NFL and had immediate success last year.  But that was with Nick Foles playing near perfect ball.  Foles is not that good of a QB as we saw this year when the turnovers started to pile up.  And Mark Sanchass is nothing more than a backup QB.  The league has caught up somewhat to Chip’s offense and will continue to do so.  But if Eagle fans think that they are getting more than Mariota for Shady think again.  You won’t get a bushel of picks in this trade.  Maybe another pick comes your way.  With Darren Sproles and Chris Polk you will be fine with bringing in another running back who can catch passes as a free agent and there will be some available.  That is enough to keep the running game going which is not a staple in the Chip Kelly offense.  But Chip gets his prized pupil who already knows exactly what the coach is thinking and will step right into the startiing role.

mike smith

The Mike Smith era in Atlanta is coming to an end.  What a disgrace to lose like that at home when you have an undeserved chance to win your pathetic division.  This team is over rated and so is the QB.  They never show up in big games.  Matty Ice.  Please.  Give me a break.  Matt Ryan did nothing in Boston College so how did he come into the NFL with a nickname that suggests he is a big time QB.  Arthur Blank let his GM go all in a couple of years ago with the Julio Jones trade.  Great player but this team is no where close to being a super bowl contender.  The GM survived but should be on a short leash.

idzik rex ryan woody johnson

Talk about dysfunctional there is no other word to describe the New York Jets.  Two years ago Woody hires a GM who is forced to take the blowhard head coach.  The only person who would accept the job is John Idzik who never built a team before despite what some Jet fans think.  Idzik is so bad at his job that he leaves his team without a legitimate cornerback this whole season despite being under the salary cap by 20 million dollars.  I would hope he tried to hang Rex out to dry so he can bring in his own guy but if he didn’t he is more incompetent than I ever thought.  Now we have articles appearing the last couple of weeks that Woody is bringing in people to help him straighten out his house and that Idzik is part of the search for the new head coach.  Then we hear how Rex has cleaned out his office no doubt a story he had planted so he can get some sympathy.  Now we hear Idzik is out and Rex is in limbo.  Are you kidding me.  This is why this organization is a joke.  Jet fans love Rex because he gives them an identity whether it is a bad one or a good one.  A long time friend of mine who is a Jet fan told me during year one and two that he has lost so much he doesn’t care how bad his organization and Rex make them look he wants t win.  There you have it.  Rex has the pulse of the Jet fan base.  Jet fans pound their chest when the team wins a few games in a row just like Rex and they pump up their players after one game just like Rex.  But let’s face it.  Rex is a very good defensive coach but his defense is over rated.  Despite the stats and rankings how many times has this defense given up a scoring drive or game ending drive late in the 4th quarter.  This team has had too many games where it was not prepared to play.  His game management and clock management is so bad and has never gotten any better.    And he has no clue about the offense and would rather win 3-0 so his over rated defense gets all the credit.  And the bigger problem is that they play in a city where the varsity team handles their business in a much more cleaner and better way.  Case in point there has not been any leaks regarding Tom Coughlin’s future.  Nothing has been said publicly or leaked all year long.


jim harbaugh 2 michigan2

So it is now official.  Jim Harbaugh has parted ways with the 49ers and is headed to Ann Arbor.  Great move for the Big Blue.  I am not so sure about the Niners though.  Who knows what really happened.  Did he lose the clubhouse or did he want too much control.  Whatever the case may be the man can coach.  And the next Niner coach might be a step down from Harbaugh.  He has been a winner everywhere he has gone and he has done it fast.  Can he be too much to handle sure he can be.  But this is a results business and he got results.  Did the regression of Colin Kaepernick lead to his downfall.  Maybe.  Colin is not a good thrower of the ball.  But we all know Alex Smith was not the answer and Colin took this team to the Superbowl.  Michigan will be back on top very quickly and the Niners could spiral down some more.


I know the Dallas fans are waiting for me to give their Cowgirls some credit for winning the division.  But I just can’t because I don’t see it as an accomplishment.  The NFC East was down this year.  I don’t think the Eagles are this real good team.  So I am not surprised they didn’t win the division.  Plus their loss to the Redskins took all the pressure off the Cowgirls.  This might mean a lot to the Dallas fans but I still don’t think this team is good especially the defense.  No I need to see QB Tony Romo win under pressure.  Beat the Lions who come in with a nasty defense who can hit the QB and that will impress me.  If Dallas couldn’t win the division this year then they won’t ever win it.

chargers 3 rivers

We were all fooled by Philip Rivers and the Chargers.  Yet again.  And we all should have seen this coming.  Me included.  Every time we praise this QB and this team we get burned.  Every time.  The Chargers laid a huge egg today in Kansas City against a backup quarterback.  With a win they would have gotten into the playoffs and they wet the bed.





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