Winners from this weekend’s NFL.

New York Giants

tom coughlin 2

The New York Football Giants are a winner.  Now before you kill me for saying this when you lose your 7th straight game to one of the worst teams in the league blowing a 21 point lead in the process here are my reasons.  It is now apparent that the Tom Coughlin era is coming to an end and I Expect the Giants to end it with class and respect.  After all Tom brought a lot of class and dignity to the Giants much more than their 2 Super Bowl Titles.  He’ll probably get a front office job or something like that.  Tom loves to coach and he has not forgotten how to do it but sometimes you need a new voice in the room.  Does Jerry Reese go too?  And also the Giants are looking at a potential top 5 pick and will be able to finally rebuild the offense line by drafting a top lineman to pair with Pugh and Richberg.  Also the other picks will be used to finally get younger in key spots.  With Beckham and a healthy Victor Cruz the Giants do have some talent.  They won’t be bad for long.  I don’t condone losing and it’s never good to lose.  But the Giants will get some high picks this year.  Draft well Big Blue.  Draft well.

falcons 3 saints 3mike smith

The Saints and the Falcons are also both winners.  Both these teams won games everyone expected them to lose.  The Saints won in Pittsburgh which was not as close a game as the final score indicated.  The Falcons shocked the Cardinals by winning pretty easily in Hotlanta.  Perhaps Mike Smith is an even bigger winner.  Long rumored to be one of the coaches axed on Black Monday especially after the collapse in London vs the Lions.  With the awful play of the NFC South does winning the division keep Smith in Atlanta?  Or does owner Arthur Blank still pull the plug despite a potential division winning team albeit with a losing record?  Sean Payton’s job is not in jeopardy as long as he has the big scapegoat in Rob Ryan who will join his brother looking for work next season.

browns 2

Cleveland Browns.  I think we have seen enough of Brian Hoyer and the Browns are not going to resign him especially if he wants to get paid.  So the time is right to officially start the Johnny Manziel era.  We caught a glimpse of what he can do leading the Browns to a quick touchdown.  We also saw he needs some work as well.  I know that division is wide open but if the Browns are really committed to building a big team here put the kid in the game.  I talk about playing with expectations all the time.  That is why when the Browns are favored they lose outright.  This team does not know how to play with expectations.  Johnny Football does not care about these things.  He craves all the limelight with being a star QB.  Manziel is the type of player you can drop in the deep end because of his mentality that he will be a star no matter what.  That is all it takes sometimes.  I remember reading a book and Billy Beane who is the GM of the Oakland Athletics and once considered the best player coming out of High School in like 25 years.    He said he never succeeded because he never believed he was the best and when he saw Lenny Dykstra play he knew what he was missing.  After all Dykstra was not nearly as talented as Beane was but Lenny had this attitude that said I am going to be the best and no one is going to do a thing to stop me.  Alas Johnny Football has talent and it is time for the Manziel Era to officially get under way.



cardinals 3

Arizona Cardinals.  All that hard work and the huge cushion they once had is now all gone.  Once seemingly a lock to win the division and get a bye at no worse than the 2 seed now need to worry about not making the playoffs at all.  Yes they are still the number one seed but just look at the remaining schedule for the Red Birds.  Kansas City, At St Louis, Seattle and At San Francisco.  They can lose all of those games.  11 wins should be enough because they have tie breakers over Dallas, Philly and Detroit.  But those are brutal games and Drew Stanton is not the answer.  Case closed.  It’s ok to lose in Seattle.  Not ok to lose in Atlanta.  Bruce Arianas declared that the Cardinals can win the Super Bowl with Stanton.  Do you think he really believed that or was this his way of instilling confidence in his QB.  With Stanton it goes back to the same old question.  Much like what the Browns are going through now.  When you’re the underdog or the backup and nothing is expected of you it’s real easy to shock the world.  But when your expected to win and play well it’s totally different.  Stanton was good as a fill in.  But now that he knows he has the keys to the car it’s a different mindset.  The Rams must turn this around against a good Chiefs team.


St Louis Rams

St. Louis Rams.  And not for the reason you think.  I am not going to touch the Ferguson issue and that is not what makes them losers.  It’s the way they carried themselves in blowing out a lifeless, pathetic horrible football team in the Oakland Raiders.  They danced when they scored and when they got a sack they danced some more and they danced for just about anything positive that happened on the field.  Hey St Louie you beat a team that has one win and is so inept.  And your team is 5-7.  Show some class because your not that good of a team either.  What do you expect from a Jeff Fisher coached team.  You expect them to be well coached but they also are smug and arrogant like their head coach.



Hey Lebron James stick to the NBA and stop telling the Browns they need to start Manziel.  You have proven your not a good NBA GM.  Don’t prove it in two sports now.

rex ryan4

Hey Rex Ryan where has all your fire and emotion gone.  This Rex Ryan 2-10.0 is not fun anymore.  We can’t buy a win.

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