NFL BLOG 12-22


NFL BLOG 12-22

Another crazy week in the NFL so let’s get started with the Saturday games.

M Sanchez Hey Philly fans who were once so arrogant and cocky and talking about the Super Bowl especially after Thanksgiving what do you have to say now?  Is Chip Kelly still a genius?  How do you like Mark Sanchass now.  Sanchass has shown that he is no better than a backup qb.  The Eagles were never going to the Super Bowl but to not even make the playoffs.  What a disappointment.

colin k harbaughSpeaking of disappointments what a fitting way to play in front of the whole country Saturday night in regards to the season the team had.  The 49ers have been bad and extremely disappointing.  Jim Harbaugh is reportedly going back to his alma mater.  Colin Kaepernick has regressed.  So where do the Niners go from here?  Harbaugh brought this team quick success getting to a Super Bowl and 2 NFC Championship games all losses though in heart breaking fashion.  The Niners could have won all 3 games.  Now they will need to find a new head coach and someone to straighten out Kaepernick.  But this is a season they would like to forget.

We move to Sunday and

Giants RamsFirst the ugliness of the Giants/Rams game.  The penalties and the fight.  First of all as a Giants fan their talking and celebrating is not called for. Especially when your under 500 and going no where.  For all the wonderful play of Odell Beckham he needs to dial it down a bit.  But he just might be the best Wide Receiver in the league right now.  It was clear the Rams could not guard him so they tried to thug him up.  The head hunting and the late hits was just ridiculous.  The fight while there is no place for it in the game the Giants were just protecting their star player who was clearly targeted and had already received late hits.  Now for Jeff Fisher and his bully Rams team.  You have Mr. Bounty Gate Greg Williams as your defensive coordinator and we are supposed to see your side of things.  To actually say your disappointed by the Giants sideline when your player drove Beckham to the ground more than 5 yards out of bounds then pushed him to the ground is just a joke.  As a coach if someone did that to one of your players you would want your team to protect him.  Lost in the shuffle was the launching of McDonald into his own player which was meant for Beckham.  He knocked out his own player trying to injure or intimidate Beckham.  It was clear early on they were not going to be able to guard Odell on the field.  Jeff Fisher is a great football coach just like Tom Coughlin.  But Coughlin has class and Fisher has none.

coughlinWhile we are on the subject of Tom Coughlin it looks like he has survived yet again.  But let’s be honest here.  John Mara and Robert Tisch have never came out and said he was out at any point.  I think a lot of Giants fans will be ok if the coach comes back.  if the Giants feel they can’t find a better coach or do not like who may be available, why not keep Coughlin here another year.  Some might say that is not a reason to keep the coach.  But Coughlin has not lost the locker room and he still knows how to coach.  Perhaps the emergence of the young Giants led by Beckham have fueled his return.  But the Giants have not said anything publicly.  What we do know is that the Giants will make the right decision for the organization and not listen to the media or the fans.

baYou really have to feel for the Arizona Cardinals.  They worked really hard for their early season success.  Once Carson Palmer went down we all knew it was going to be hard to maintain the same success despite what Bruce Arianas says.  Drew Stanton was not going to be the answer but he could at least move the ball.  Ryan Lindley played like a third string quarterback last night.  No game is a given when he is your QB.  Hopefully Stanton comes back for the playoffs which will most likely be in Atlanta who already torched the Cardinals this year.

romoGo ahead Cowboys fans.  Pound your chest.  I know your dying to do it.  But what you have accomplished is not a big deal only to your self.  I read where the Cowboys exercised the demons.  I don’t see that.  This demon started in the playoffs in Seattle when Tony Homo choked the game away.  And he has been choking ever since.  This game was easy for them.  Give them credit.  I thought the Colts would at least show up.  But let’s not praise this Dallas defense because it is just not that good.  In 2 weeks when Detroit or Green Bay comes to town then we will see what Dallas has.  Also let’s make this clear.  If the Cowgirls are lucky enough to move on to play at Seattle don’t expect a repeat of the game from earlier in the season.  Seattle is playing much better now.  Jason Garrett before you give us that smug look your still a bad coach.  What the hell is Romo doing in the game up 35-0?  Weeden needs as much game time experience as he can find.  Romo is still one hit away from calling it a career.  I hope Jerry giv es out Super Bowl tickets.

sean pThe New Orleans Aints.  How the might have fallen.  Can’t even win a home game.  Drew Brees has turned into a QB that will choke under pressure.  Jimmy Graham has alligator arms.  The defensive coordinator is always the scape goat.  But when does the responsibility fall on the shoulders of Sean Payton.  Yeah I know Graham had a TD and that was a really bad call.  But that TD would not have given the Saints the lead or won the game.  It would have changed the game I will give you that.  What has happened to this team especially at home.

The sad thing about the NFC South is that not only will the division winner be under .500 but they may play the Cardinals who could be using a third string quarterback or a second stringer on a bad wheel.  Atlanta will put up points at home and the Panthers will pound whoever is playing quarterback for the Cards.  It’s just sad to see that when there are better teams sitting at home.

Rex Ryan 3 idzikSo yesterday was the last home game for Rex Ryan as Jets head coach.  It is kind of fitting the Jets lost a game they had every chance to win with poor execution and bad sideline decisions by Rex which is one of his calling cards.  Now I do feel bad for Rex in the sense that his team does play hard for him and despite all his bragging and tough talk I really feel the GM John Idzik didn’t do him right this year with the roster he put together.  “Jet Nation” loves Rex because he finally gave their franchise an identity even if it isn’t wasn’t what most of the league would like as an image.  But Rex started hot and fizzled out as the roster changed and questionable characters came into the locker room.  Rex’s mantra of I can coach anybody is a myth because he does not discipline his players when needed.  There were plenty of games this season where the team was not prepared to play and it showed.  QB or no QB that is on Rex every time it happens.  I do feel every GM has the right to pick their own coach.  But contrary to what some think Idzik has no experience building a team (yes he had nothing to do with the Seahawks roster) and is in over his head.  He has to go because he can’t be that foolish to think the roster he put together this season was good enough to compete.  When your 20 million under the cap and have holes like this team did that is on you dude.  He tried to sabotage the coach and it will end up costing him his job.  After all he took the job knowing he had to keep Rex.


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