NFL BLOG 11-27


NFL BLOG 11-27

jay gruden Daniel snyderJay Gruden must be wondering what he got himself into.  Now the rumors are that disappointing RG3 will be moved before next season.  RG3 is owner Daniel Snyder’s pet so I am wondering where this is coming from.  Despite the fact the Griffin might have already had his high water mark for his career Snyder loves him.  And yes there is a team that will take a chance on him but is anyone willing to give up a number one pick for him.  I wouldn’t.  Gruden is a rookie coach who pretty much got RG3 forced down his throat.  I am not going to beat this RG3 horse anymore than I already have.  I just don’t think he can stay healthy or change his style of play or be a quality winning quarterback.


Remember when last season the Seahawks Wide Receivers most notably Doug Baldwin stating publicly about the talent of his team’s receivers.  It was a big deal when everyone all knew they were marginal at best.  If they are so good then why is there rumors that Richard Sherman may be auditioned at WR.  I thought this group was good.  Golden Tate sure is good oh wait he is not there anymore.  All I know is when the Hawks are behind I don’t see these receivers scaring anyone.

Rex Ryan 3 idzik

You have to feel for Rex Ryan a little bit.  Yes he deserves to be fired for the simple reason there has been more than one game where this team was not prepared to play a game.  That is always on the Head Coach.  GM John Idzik did not do a good job getting Rex players.  How can you be 20 million under the cap and not bring in NFL quality cornerbacks when firstly this is a passing league and secondly did he not see the quarterbacks his team was facing in the first half of the schedule.  Rex’s faults are well documented from having no control of his sidelines especially when calling time outs which fits right into game management to having no clue of what is going on with his offense and to stubbornly pumping up publicly his players like Geno Smith.  Idzik has proven to be a non competent General Manager just for having holes on his team and still having money to spend of which he has not locked up any of his star defensive lineman.  I heard the stat that out of 33 wide receivers drafted this past year the only ones to not have at least one catch are all Jets.  if Idzik’s plan was to sabotage Rex so he can pick his own head coach that plan has just backfired.  If Woody Johnson was a football guy he would clean house and start by hiring a true competent football man to run his organization.

Dallas Cowboys

You really have to love the Cowboy fans.  With an 8-3 record we have seen the rebirth of the cocky, arrogant and once again much hated Cowboy fan.  I heard a caller on a NY sports talk show actually making fun of the fact that Tom Coughlin is getting fired.  Excuse me.  Coughlin is a class man who has more respect around the NFL than every coach in the Cowboys locker room combined.  if you want to pick on Eli Manning or another player then fine.  We saw the owner getting more face time Sunday night and coach Jason Garrett looking very arrogant after the game.  Garrett has been a terrible head coach thus far and is only there because Jerry can control him.  Plus the Cowgirls haven’t done anything yet.  We have been here before especially with Romo.  He has to prove he can win games in big spots which is something he has never been able to do.  Additionally if I was a Cowboy fan and the rest of the NFC East as well I would be very concerned about how good Odell Beckham Jr is and just how explosive the Giants will be when Victor Cruz gets healthy.

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