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Redskins 2Hey Redskin fans how do you like RG3 now.  You never ever attack your teammates when your the QB.  Never.  Not even when you play good and they don’t.  This is what happens when the owner is best friends with the star QB.  That trade has set this organization back 5 years.  The names Brady or Peyton or Rodgers or Brees should never come out of your mouth either.  You will never be on that level.  Here is a tip RG3.  Learn how to be a better leader, learn how to stay in the pocket and complete passes and go to a Nationals practice and learn how to freakin slide because I am tired of seeing you limp around the field.


Eagles 4Hey Eagle fans who were so cocky after last Monday’s game against the Panthers.  How do you like Mark Sanchass now.  You guys are learning what New York fans already know.  Sanchez can’t play from behind and can’t win in a shootout.  You better pray for Nick Foles to come back soon because The Sanchise is just not that good.

M Sanchez

giants 4So it appears the Tom Coughlin Era is coming to an end.  That’s too bad for Coach Coughlin who brought class and dignity to the Giants and 2 Super Bowl Championships all the while he was constantly getting run out of town.  So tool boxes like Tiki Barber, who Coughlin saved his career by showing him how to hold the ball and not fumble, can bask and say I told you so that Tom needs to go.  Hey Tiki how does it feel that the Giants won the Super Bowl the year after you left.  Tiki can say all he wants that CBS pays him to give his opinion.  He has had this opinion since 1997 so now he gets to bask because it is finally coming to an end.  Tom is going because after 10 plus years and 2 super bowl titles the room is ready for another voice.  The coach can still coach but it is time for a change.


cowboys 4Leave it to the cowboys to have drama even though they are in the midst of their best season in about 5 years.  From Dez Bryant’s contract issues to Joseph Randle stealing cologne and underwear to the alleged disagreement those two players had to again allegedly 20 players missing curfew in London.  There always seems to be some story surrounding Jerry’s favorite toy.  They need to stop the bickering and worry about Tony Romo’s achy breaky back.  he is one hit away from being done forever and the Cowboy season being lost.

Jerry Jones 1

SteelersKudos to Mike Tomlin.  Juice gets it.  When you have a player who leaves his team high and dry he doesn’t need to be there anymore.  So when LeGarrette Blount left the field because he was un happy about his playing time he walked out on his teammates which is inexcusable.  Blount has had problems seemingly everywhere he has played in the NFL and had his share of problems at Oregon too.  The Steelers cut Blount.  This should be a message to anyone who calls Mike Tomlin Juice.

tomlin 2


seahawks 2At 6-4 the Seahawks are on the cusp of the playoffs.  But in the NFC it is becoming more clearer that the NFC South will be won by a team at .500 or worse.  Which means the Seahawks and other trams who are all over .500 might  be left out of the playoffs.  The irony of this is that in 2010 Pete Carroll’s boys won the division at 7-9 and teams with better records were shut out.  Pete Carroll defended his team.  It’s interesting to see how he would handle this if it happened now.  If it happens it is about time something goes against Carroll.  He left USC like a thief in the night and then he said he knew nothing of the numerous violations that were about to cripple the program.  No one believes that Pete.  Karma is a bitch.

pete carroll 1

falcons 2 Saints panthers 2 Bucs 1Hey NFC South what the hell is going on.  When a team that is 2-8 and who just won their second game in Week 11  is only 2 games out of first place you know your division is a disgrace.  The Falcons have won 4 games which all happen to be division games are in first place over the Saints via the tie breaker who just lost 2 home games in a row.  Granted they were to quality football teams.  The Panthers have lost 5 straight and with Cam Newton limping around are only one game out.  It’s amazing that Mike Smith’s job was rumored to be on the line now his team  has a chance to win the division.  And would a division winning 7-9 record be enough to save his job.

JNY Jets 2Hey Rex Ryan you just got fined a hundred grand for using profanity against a referee.  What do you have to say about that?  I think Geno Smith still will be a quality quarterback in the National Football league.  I am not a Rex fan.  He is a clown, he says dumb things, he pumps his players up when we all know he is blowing smoke.  But for the NFL to fine him a hundred grand for cursing out a referee that is just ridiculous.  Hey commissioner let Rex Ryan be in his last season ever as a head coach in the National Football League.

Rex Ryan 3

Steelers Ravensbrowns 2 Bengals 2AFC NORTH

As bad as the NFC South is the AFC North is the complete opposite.  All 4 teams are over .500.  The Browns entered week 11 in first place and after a loss to the Texans and wins by the Steelers and Bengals the Browns are now in last place.  Right now the Bengals and the Steelers are in the playoffs with the Ravens and Browns just one game out this shapes up to be an interesting race.  With the emergence of the Chiefs it looks like this division will only be able to get one wild card spot.

49ers 3 Rams cardinals 3 seahawks 2


While only 3 teams over .500 this could be the best division on the NFL.  You have the Cardinals at 9-1 with the best record in the league and a 3 game lead over the defending champion Seahawks and the 49ers.  At 4-6 you have the Rams who are a very live opponent and is there a better coach in the sport than Jeff Fisher.  All these teams have major issues too which will be something to watch out for the rest of the way.  The Redbirds will be with a backup quarterback the rest of the way.  it is Drew Stanton’s team now.  The defending champs and the 49ers bothj with the same record and currently not in the playoffs are both dealing with turmoil in the locker rooms depending on who you listen to.  The Marshawn Lynch situation won’t go away.  The 49ers have health issues and have been dealing with the shadow of Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s contract all year long.  Also the Ahmad Brooks situation.  The Rams having lost Sam Bradford for the season again are now juggling quarterbacks but are an extremely live dog.

Jeff Fisherjim harbaughM LynchStanton


We all like projections and after 11 weeks the Wildcard Round games as of today are not real appealing.

In the AFC

steelersvs bengals 2

chiefs 3vscolts 2

Another division rematch which would be the third time these two teams play.

A rematch of last year’s wild classic playoff game has some appeal I guess.

In the NFC

cowboysvseagles 2

G Green Bay 2vsFalcons helmet

Another division matchup that could feature backup quarterbacks for both teams

On paper this game is a severe mismatch with the Packers or possibly the Lions in this game vs the under .500 NFC South team.  But the Seahawks beat the Saints in 2010 when the Hawks were a division winning 7-9.  Like I said the irony would be that the Seahawks fall on the other side of this 4 years later and maybe the Saints win the division and shock their opponent.

Either way none of these potential playoff matchups excite me.

vikings nflI don’t want to beat this subject to death here.  But the Adrian Peterson situation has now blown up.  We all know the facts here.  AP was on paid leave while he was sitting out pending his legal situation.  In the wake of the Ray Rice arrest and suspension one thing is clear now.  The fans are fed up.  Advertisers are fed up. I have heard a lot of different opinions regarding what the NFL did.  What Rice did was despicable and the initial handling of the penalty by the NFL was equally bad.  If that tape was never made public we might not be here right now.  But these players need help and the NFL is responsible for getting those players help especially if the courts don’t.  How Rice got off without jail time is amazing.  What AP did is disturbing to a lot of us.  But to some people it is how they were brought up.  Certainly AP was brought up that way.  And the real problem could be is that AP thinks there was nothing wrong with what he did.  if he does it again we all know the general public will say to the NFL how can you let this guy play in your league when he still has this problem.

Let’s go back and remember what Michael Vick did.  He was convicted and thrown out of the league and lost his money.  He was properly penalized and paid his debt and went through the proper channels.  He is back in the league now and is an after thought even if some still don’t like him.  I am not condoning what he did.  I have a dog myself.  The courts got this one right.  Why the courts didn’t punish AP or RIce more I don’t know.  Does the NFL have the right to say we don’t agree with the penalty so we are going to come down even harder on you?  Clearly the NFL is being proactive to the max because of the public backlash they have received from other incidents.  They clearly are taking matters into their own hands and saying we’ll take you off the field right away.  Then let the process play out.

I heard AP’s lawyer Rusty Hardin say AP was punished and has lost money.  He has been on paid suspension basically so he has not lost any wages.  Yeah he lost endorsements but that is not the NFL’s fault.  Once this became public he sealed his faith with that.  Hardin who can defend me anytime although I can’t afford him has some good points.  The NFL can disagree with the courts and make their own decisions.  Is that good for anybody but the league and the owners who Roger Goodell works for and answers to.  It is his job to make the owners money and when faced wit the spector of losing advertisers he made a decision he has never made before.  Just lie Adam Silver did with the NBA.  This decision should be made by an independent party.  But we all want the NFL to be stern and now it’s too stern.  Goodell is in a no win situation.

We could talk about this for days and new info and opinions come out every day.  One thing is for sure the NFL players now need to think twice about what you do off the field.

ray rice Rusty Hardin vick 2 AP

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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