NFL Blog 10-13

What a crazy NFL Sunday.  So let’s begin.

We’ll start with my Giants who must have got lost on their way to the LINK.  In a game where they were thoroughly dominated they lost much more than their swagger.  Victor Cruz is most likely out for the season.  The Giants philosophy is always  next man up.  But this is outside of Eli Manning the one offensive player they can afford to lose.  Maybe some one steps up.  But if the offensive line can’t block anyone this season and maybe the tenure of Tom Coughlin could be over.  As good as Philly looked I am not a believer yet.

That brings me to the Dallas Cowgirls.  I was shocked they won but after thinking about it maybe I shouldn’t be.  I wasn’t one of these people who anointed the Seahawks the best team in the world and this budding dynasty.  Seattle is a bully team who once they get pushed around they are not so magical.  Plus their offensive fire power is just not that good.  The team gets it’s strength from the defense and Dallas pushed them all over te field.  Now even though Dallas is 5-1 I still won’t believe in them because Tony Romo has to win playoff games to prove anything to me and Jason Garrett is not a big time coach in my eyes.  But give Dallas credit for winning in Seattle.  But this is why the Cowgirls are hated.  For the first time in a few years they are relevant and their fans come out of the woodworks talking smack which to me is funny.

Denver and the Jets.  They could play this game 100 times and Denver will win at least 95 times.  I don’t care how they did it but the won and the Jets lost.  Geno Smith will never be an NFL quarterback.  Rex Ryan will never be considered a good head coach.  And the Jets will never win.  It’s just like paying taxes and death.

So they say the Browns had to beat the Steelers before anyone can take them seriously.  Well they won decisively against the Steelers.  So now are they legit with Brian Hoyer at QB?  Are they about to sign him to a multi year extension?  What does that mean for Johnny Football?  And Josh Gordon is coming back soon.

The demise of Tom Brady and the Patriots?  I think not.  They are still the best team in the division and will always get at least one home playoff game.  No matter what Buffalo or Miami can do.  And this coming week the Pats get to give the jets their sixth straight loss.

You really can’t figure out these games in the NFL.  The Bengals playing a good Panthers defense and without EJ Green score 37 points in a tie game.  The Lions without Megatron and Reggie Bush win 17-3 on their defense.  Flacco and the Ravens put up 28 first quarter points against the Bucs on the road after Lovie Smith has his team seemingly on the road to an up swing.  The Dolphins fall for the fake spike against Aaron Rodgers.  And on top of that another prime time game ends up in a blow out.

The Raiders and Jags might only win one game a piece between them but they are both developing rookie QB’s.  Now they won’t be Andrew Luck but they are getting valuable experience while their respective teams are heading towards top 5 picks in next year’s draft.  And the Titans are heading towards Mariotta next season.

The Cardinals and Chargers are off to big starts and are happily flying under the radar.

Let’s see what will happen next week.

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