Buffalo Bills Introduce Rex Ryan

Hey Rex Ryan.  Great press conference.  You said the exact same thing when the Jets hired you 6 years ago.  You haven’t learned yet have you.  You are the head coach not the defensive coordinator.  You took shots at Dour Marrone who is 3-1 against you head to head.  But Rex is right about one thing.  After he fails with the Bills he won’t ever get another head coaching job again.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

Hey Jerry Jones.  How the hell can you give Jason Garrett an 5 year contract extension.  He was one of the big culprits that lost the game to the Packers.


Hey Doug Marrone kudos to you for getting your full contract paid.  Your going to need it when your not working this coming season.

ray lewis

Hey ESPN do you regret now giving Ray Lewis a microphone?  Ray’s comments about Tom Brady were moronic and stupid.  If Brady is only known for the Tuck rule then Ray Ray is only known for being arrested for murder during the Super Bowl.

John Harbaugh

Hey John Harbaugh quit complaining because Bill Bellichik out smarted you and figure out why your defense blew 14 point leads twice in the game.

woody johnson

Hey Woody Johnson you made the same mistake again.  Hire an offensive coach and maybe you will get your QB developed.  As good food as Todd Bowles might be he is another Rex.  Chan Gailey is certainly not the answer.


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