1 LSU Tigers 9-0 Last Week (2) Will run the table and get into the playoffs. The nation knows how good Joe Burrow is.

2 Ohio State Buckeyes 9-0 Last Week (3) Brutal three-game stretch coming up against Penn State, @Michigan and possibly the BIG10 championship game.

3 Clemson Tigers 9-0 Last Week (4) Defending champs will run the table and get into the playoffs.


4 Alabama Crimson Tide 8-1 Last Week (1) Not done yet. They need to run the table and LSU to run the table.

5 Georgia Bulldogs 8-1 Last Week (6) A trip to Auburn could be a setback but not enough to prevent the Dawgs from getting to the SEC Finals.

  1. Minnesota Golden Gophers 9-0 Last Week (9) Cinderella has gotten to the ball. I hope they run the table.

7 Oregon Ducks 8-1 Last Week (7) I just don’t see where they have the quality wins to make the playoffs.

8 Baylor Bears 9-0 Last Week (10) Baylor escapes with a win yet again. They will need to score points to beat the Sooners.

9 Oklahoma Sooners 8-1 Last Week (8) The loss to Kansas State will doom Oklahoma’s playoff hopes.

10 Penn State Nittany Lions 8-1 Last Week (5) Despite losing to Minnesota the Nittany Lions still have a path to the playoffs.

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