NCAA Power Rankings 11-23

ncaa footballNCAA Power Rankings 11-23


Oregon Ducks

  1. Oregon 10-1 (2) Oregon keeps rolling.  Big rivalry game in Corvallis next weekend.

Alabama Crimson Tide

  1. Alabama 10-1 (3) The Iron Bowl and spoiler minded Auburn awaits.

Miss State Bulldogs

  1. Mississippi State 10-1 (4) The Egg Bowl and suddenly struggling Ole Miss awaits.

Florida State Seminoles

  1. Florida State 11-0 (1) I dropped them because they seem to be daring the country to drop them.

Baylor Bears

  1. Baylor 9-1 (7) Same record as TCU.  Deserve to jump them since they beat they head to head.

Ohio State Buckeyes

  1. Ohio State 10-1 (6) Had a chance to move up a spot with a convincing win.  Need a hot Wisconsin team in the Big 10 final.

TCU Horned Frogs

  1. TCU 9-1 (5) Needs a lot of help to make the playoffs

Georgia Bulldogs

  1. Georgia 9-2 (9) Typical Georgia with a bad loss during the way


  1. UCLA 9-2 (10) Can play spoiler to Oregon

Michigan State Spartans

  1. Michigan State 9-2 (UR) Both losses are to teams on this list.


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