NCAA Power Index 11-9

ncaa footballNCAA Power Index 11-9


miss st 21.  Mississippi State 9-0 (1)  Will keep the top spot as long as they keep winning.

fsu 22.  Florida State 9-0 (4)  Can Jaemis Winston stay out of trouble.  FSU is certain to win out.

oregon 23.  Oregon 9-1 (5)  The first one loss on my list.  Has been winning impressively.

tcu 24.  TCU 8-1 (6)  Impressive win last week.  Must win out to make the playoffs

bama 25.  Alabama 8-1 (3)  Should have lost yesterday.  Their style points are coming.

Arizona State 16.  Arizona State 8-1 (UR)  Not sure how good this team is.  Notre Dame gifted them 28 of their 55 points yesterday.

baylor 27.  Baylor 8-1 (10)  I refuse to put 2 loss teams ahead of one loss teams

Ohio State 18.  Ohio State 8-1 (UR) One the battle of the Big Ten on the road.

auburn 29.  Auburn 7-2 (2)  First 2 loss team on my list.  Huge drop this week.

ole miss 110. Ole Miss 8-2 (UR)  Only ranked because the rest of the one loss teams don’t really impress me.

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