NCAA Power Index 11-3

ncaa footballNCAA Power Index 11-3

miss st 21.  Mississippi State (1)–Survived another close one vs Arkansas. Still unbeaten, But they do have losses in them.

auburn 22.  Auburn (4)—Auburn is real good. But the schedule is brutal

bama 23.  Alabama (3)—See Auburn description. These teams are going to knock each other off.

fsu 24.  Florida State (2)—I won’t put them at number one because they are not better than the teams in the top 3.

oregon 25.  Oregon (5)—Exercised the Stanford demons. Their defense must play better if they want to win a championship. Running the table puts them in the playoffs.

tcu 26.  TCU (9)—Very impressive win on the road. Deserve the ranking right now. I don’t think a Big 12 team will be in the playoffs

nd 27.  Notre Dame(5)—You can’t play that way against Navy and expect to rise in the rankings. The Ole Miss loss makes them move up. I will stand by what I said that if ND runs the table they are in.

mich st 28.  Michigan State(7)—Unfortunately for Sparty the playoffs may not be in the cards for the Big Ten. Maybe blowing out Ohio State this week gets them to open some eyes.

K state9.  Kansas State(UR)—Just like TCU and Baylor still have tough games left. I don’t think the Big 12 makes comes to the party.

baylor 210.  Baylor(UR)—Losses by Georgia and Ole Miss makes other one loss teams enter the top 10. 2 loss teams can’t be in the top ten when there are good one loss teams still on the cusp.

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