NCAA Playoffs

The rankings don’t come out til tomorrow.  Mine are ready tonight.  There were no surprises today except for the ease of some of the wins.  Blowouts galore as everyone wanted to make statements.  Here is my top 5.


alabama 31. Alabama 12-1 (2) Big win vs Missouri locks up the one seed.

oregon 22. Oregon 12-1 (1) Very impressive vs Arizona Friday night.  Mariotta locks up the Heisman Trophy

fsu 23.Florida State 13-0 (3) Once again they survive but they are still undefeated and are still the defending champions.

osu 34. Ohio State 12-1 (5)  The biggest statement made by any team destroying Wisconsin.

baylor 25. Baylor 11-1 (4)  Tough break for Baylor.  Conference needs a total game.

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