NCAA National Championship Game

Georgia Alabama

In the all SEC National Championship we have the Georgia Bulldogs against the Crimson Tide of Alabama.  The biggest debate was who was going to get the 4th spot in the playoffs.  Would a 2 loss Big Ten Champion Ohio State get the spot or perhaps an undefeated UCF team playing a light schedule get in.  No we had one loss non conference champion Alabama getting the nod.  While no one can ever question the talent that Alabama possesses it’s the year they had.  The SEC was top heavy this year and he rest of the conference was weak,  Clemson was the one seed but you can argue they didn’t deserve to be the one and Alabama soundly won the trilogy game between the two programs.  Hopefully we won’t have to see this again.  Georgia won a classic double overtime game against Oklahoma.  A game that could have easily gone the other way as the Sooners blew a big lead and played scared at the end of the game.
As for this game I think Bama is the better team and they might be tired if hearing they don’t belong in this game and come out strong.  It will be close but I have Bama winning 34-24.  But a Bama blowout will go a long way to silence alot of people on the subject of Bama not belonging in this game.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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