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Another Saturday another wild day.


tcu 2 baylor 2

TCU and Baylor are both big winners.  With the loss by Mississippi State that has opened up the 4th spot in the playoffs.  Depending on who you ask TCU or Baylor or Ohio State is the 4th team.  It is now clear that one of these teams will be in unless they all lose next week.  TCU plays the easier team which in that aspect helps them in the eyes of who has them ranked 4th.  Ohio State and Baylor both play ranked teams but victories will give them style points.  I have Baylor ranked 4th on my list although TCU should have won that game earlier in the season.

fsu 2

I will say Florida State only because of what Georgia Tech did winning at Georgia.  While the Seminoles who are undefeated don’t need style points if they beat the Yellow Jackets next week but a loss to them may give them some much needed style points.  Don’t forget a lot of the top 10 are playing games against good teams and depending on the results we may need to take out our pens and write down all the pros and cons.   Now some me included feel that a FSU loss drops them out of the top 4 forever.  But if others lose too what happens then.

devon g

The biggest winner is Devon Gardner.  He earned more fans around the country and it had nothing to do with his play on the field.  In a rivalry game which is one of the most nastiest in all of sports Gardner showed a tremendous display of sportsmanship that we don’t normally see.  Ohio State QB EJ Barrett badly hurt his leg and would eventually be carted off with a broken leg was laying on the turf in obvious discomfort.  Gardner came onto the field and kneeled down beside him and consoled him.  It’s one thing for an opposing player who is already on the field to console a injured player but what Gardner did was truly a great show of compassion.  Kudos to you Devon.  We need to see more of this in the world today.


osu 3

Ohio State even though they won they are still losers from yesterday.  Once Barrett went down everything changed.  We don’t know how this kid Cardale Jones will play and let’s say he plays poorly but OSU wins next week vs Wisconsin does the committee bring the Buckeyes to the dance?  That is the million dollar question.  This might not be fair to OSU but the Big 12 does not care about that.  I would have made OSU my 4th team with a win vs Wisconsin next week.  Now I am not so sure.  Do we want a kid who is so green playing in the playoffs?  Urban Meyer can coach him up all he wants the truth is he will only have 1 game and 1 quarter of experience.

georgia 3

Typical Georgia.  They were ranked 9th.  With a win they would have jumped up to 7.  Then sit back and hope for upsets.  Were they realistically going to get to the playoffs.  No.  But they took themselves out of the conversation with a loss yesterday to Georgia Tech.  As I had stated yesterday what Georgia team would we see and did that Missouri win on Friday take out some of their steam.

college football playoff trophy

The selection committee.  This is a tough enough job to do but do you think everyone on that committee was rooting for a Michigan win once Barrett went down with the injury?  I do.  A loss by OSU would have eliminated them.  Now they have to weigh this injury and decide if OSU with a win next week still should go to the playoffs.  I don’t know how you do that.  if the committee is truly dedicated to giving America the 4 best teams does an OSU team on their 3rd string QB worthy.  Their hands are already filled with the Big 12 debate with TCU & Baylor.  However the SEC picture cleared up a lot yesterday with losses by Miss State and Georgia.

miss st 2

Mississippi State is a huge loser too.  They were ranked 4th and by a lot of accounts would have eventually lost that spot to either Ohio State or a BIG 12 team.  Barrett’s injury changed things for OSU who face a tough Badger team next week.  Baylor plays Kansas State next week and that is no sure win either.  Plus who knows what other upsets occur next week.  Like Georgia they have taken themselves completely out of the conversation.


The biggest loser of them all is the SEC.  The mighty and vaunted SEC now only has one team left in the playoff chase.  Miss State’s loss took care of that.  Plus the ACC won 4 rivalry games against their SEC opponents yesterday.  I know if you took the top 4 SEC teams and played them against the rest of the country you could see a SEC sweep.  We all knew these teams would knock each other off.  But in my opinion if Alabama loses to Missouri next week they are not going to the playoffs.  Especially if the rest of the top 7 win their games.  The first ever college playoffs without an SEC team.  Yes it could happen.  I wrote an article on this site about this in October and some probably laughed at me.  We are one Mizzou win away from that becoming a reality.  Assuming no other upsets blow this completely up.

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