Mount Rushmore Movies 1983

1983 Mount Rushmore Movies


This year was chock full of great movies.  Narrowing it down was hard not because there was so many classic movies but because there wasn’t 4 classic ones.  Just a year with a lot of great movies.


Return Of The Jedi.

The most anticipated Trilogy to come out ever extending the decade of Harrison Ford’s brilliance to yet another year.  What we though was the last of this series was only the beginning as we found out years later.



Say Hello To My Little Friend.  Al Pacino was brilliant as Tony Montana which created yet another cult classic movie.  Drugs Sex and Salsa.

trading places

Trading Places.

Eddie Murphy had his second straight blockbuster as he and Dan Aykroyd traded places.  Brilliantly smart comedy also starring Jamie Lee Curtis.  Classic lines and classic performances as Aykroyd showed his range as a bankable actor.

NL Vacation


Probably the height of Chevy Chase’s brilliance.  Fletch may be a bit better.  There was 3 sequels that went from acceptable to bad.  Plus the remake out this year with Rusty taking his family to Wally World.  But the original Vacation was classic.  Cousin Eddie played brilliantly by Randy Quaid was a nice side kick to Chase’s Clark.



Notes.  Sean Penn and Esai Morales were Bad Boys.  Tom Cruise broke out with “All The Right Moves” and “Risky Business.”  Rodney Dangerfield and Joe Pesci made Easy Money.  National Lampoons had Class and we met Cujo the killer dog and Christine the killer car.  John Travolta Stayed Alive.  Matthew Broderick almost started a War while playing a video game.  Peter Billingsley shot his eye out in “A Christmas Story.”  We also had a Big Chill with a huge list of household names, The Black Stallion should not have returned as well as Porky’s.  We had Jennifer Beals strut her stuff in Flashdance, Jaws came out in 3D, Burt Reynolds continued to crank out less than stellar comedies and Richa Pryor was in Superman 3.  And another movie with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.

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