Money In The Bank Preview

Even though it’s Wednesday and the card may change here is my predictions for the Money In The Bank Pay Per View. In fact upon writing this I see that a tag team match was added. Golddust and Stardust vs Ryback and Axel. I could care less about this match really so all I can say is that Goldie and Star will win. Now onto the real card.

Divas Title Paige Vs Naomi.  I actually felt that Naomi would have defeated AJ Lee before she hurt her eye.  I don’t know where Paige came from but she has proven to be a great women’s wrestler.  Better than most of the girls in the back.  Naomi is destined to be the champion but I think this is set up for her soon to be former partner Cameron to cost her the title leading to a feud to be played out on WWE TV and also the E TV series Total Divas. Surely in a feud between Naomi and Cameron, Cameron will get a pin fall or two. Cameron is not a good wrestler and can’t be champion. I think this match will be very good with the top two female wrestlers facing off. Naomi’s time is coming real soon just not now.

Prediction Paige hangs onto the title via interference by Cameron

Tag Team Championship Match USO’s vs the Wyatt’s. On paper this is a huge mismatch. Harper and Rowen have greatly improved in the ring. So have the USO’s who have grown on me. I never thought they were championship material. I was wrong about that. This one is a hard one to predict. Perhaps if we knew the future plans for the Wyatt’s this would be easier. It has never been about wins and losses for them just getting Brey’s message out there is what they care about more. Perhaps giving the straps to the Wyatt’s develops them a little more as their own characters. USO’s have been great fighting champions taking on all teams. But the tag team ranks is pretty bare right now.

Prediction The Wyatt’s get the gold.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match For WWE Heavyweight Champion. These matches are impossible to predict. WWE can go in many different ways here plus extend feuds and create new ones. I do expect the winner of this match to have the title for Summer Slam. So I guess it depends on what matches do we expect for Summer Slam. I can say Reigns will face either Orton or HHH. Let’s not forget that Brock Lesnar is scheduled to be on the card so who he is expected to wrestle could impact this match. It would have to be a high impact player. And let’s not forget the Daniel Bryan factor. Assuming he is ready to go by Summer Slam isn’t he due a rematch? And what kind of bumps can he take. So let’s go one by one for all 8 competitors.

Kane. I don’t see Kane winning at all. While I am not opposed to seeing Kane have one more title reign I just think he is in this match to make sure Roman Reigns or John Cena win the belt. And perhaps assist Randy Orton. He is still following the authorities orders. Also will he pick up his feud with Daniel Bryan once he returns from his injury? As

Sheamus. He deserves to be in this match as he is on the heavy weight level. The current United States Champion already has a belt. I don’t see him winning this match. But he is HHH’s boy so that certainly explains why he is in this match. Still Sheamus is a top guy and deserves to be on this level.

Alberto Del Rio. A lot of people don’t like him. I think he is a great heel. I also think he is one of the better workers in this match. He can slug it out with the heavy weights as well as wrestle with the technical wrestlers on the roster. Not many can say they can thrive in either realm. Del Rio is no mid carder. I don’t see him winning this match though. The only reason he could win is that some of the other competitors in this match may be involved with feuds like Reigns/Orton. He would be a relatively safe choice because he has been there before and can just be a place holder for Bryan when he returns.

Roman Reigns. Ok I just mentioned Reigns. The clear people’s choice to win and definitely a champion in waiting. To further his character he has to eventually win the strap. But he has not had many singles matches. Can he carry a main event match as champion for 15 plus minutes? His arsenal of moves is very limited. Although he has improved he still needs to get better mic skills. The breakup of the shield was necessary. Unlike the Wyatt’s who can stay together forever the Shield need to break up. Reigns is clearly focusing on Orton and HHH. When these two finally meet one on one it is main event material strap or no strap. Orton will carry that match and for that reason I don’t see Reigns winning this match.

Randy Orton. Anytime Orton gets another title run it is not surprising. The pure total package as he can wrestle and brawl and give great promos. He clearly will be feuding with Reigns throughout the Summer. In fact the other MIB match will autom,atically tell you if Orton won’t win. If Seth Rollins wins then we know Orton would be a long shot to win. While Rollins is not part of Evolution he is clearly a HHH guy and I can’t see a match with those two at least right now.

Brey Wyatt. My love for this character is not based on wins or losses but how he acts, his tremendous promos and the heat he brings to his character. Wins or Losses don’t mean much to this superstar. The reaction he gets from the crowd and the psychology he brings to his character and his matches make him a truly unique competitor. Putting the title on him would clearly turn the WWE upside down. What would it mean? Would his feud with Cena continue around the title?

Cesaro. Clearly the one wildcard in this match. His in ring ability makes him very worthy of holding the title. But the fact that Heyman is his microphone makes me think twice about this. We haven’t had a WWE champion who needed a manager to speak for him in a long time. I know CM Punk had Paul Heyman but did he really need him. WWE could really head in another direction and give Cesaro the strap. It would show the boys in the back that they are willing to push new people.

John Cena. The real face of the franchise. So any time Cens gets a title run should not be a shock to anyone. My question is what are the plans for Cena. If he is truly done with Wyatt where is his next feud? Giving Cena another title run would be boring and unnecessary. He does not need to have the strap to be a main eventer. Much like Orton.

Prediction. I would love to see Cesaro win this match and Heyman is a master of running with these moments like a little brother who just beat big brother. I suppose we can get a run in with either Bryan screwing Orton or the Wyatt’s helping Brey or preventing Cena to continue that feud. Or HHH screwing Reigns or Cena. I still always hold out hope that Shane O Mac returns to take back his part of the company. I am going to go with Cesaro. Mainly because Orton/Reigns will feud as well as Cena/Wyatt will continue their feud. Neither has anything to do with the titles and while Cena/Wyatt have had several Pay Per View matches Orton/Reigns is ultimately heading for a one on one match.

Money In The Bank Match For A Title Shot. This one is different because your not asking any of these to carry the strap. It is just for a title shot maybe the next day on Raw or Smackdown. Or maybe it will be cashed in that night and in that case the winner of this match will have to carry thunder for that moment. In fact Wade Barrett suffer a separated shoulder which could and probably will knock him out of this match and that leaves only 6 participants in this match. I was curious when only 7 were announced. Now there is 6. Barrett can’t realistically participate in this match. So by my estimation there is 2 spots left. One was just not announced. The other is an injury replacement. I am going to guess that Rusev gets one spot. The other could be Big E or a NXT guy like Adam Rose or Bo Dallas. Until we know I can only talk about the 6 announced superstars and Wade Barrett who I feel will get replaced.

Dolph Ziggler. Great worker and over with the fans. Just has the perception of being injury prone with concussions. Would be nice to see him get a title shot but ultimately I don’t see it.

Kofi Kingston. Just a filler but he will provide great spots in this match. Ask yourself if you will be excited to see him get a title shot. If no then you got your answer.

Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins. I am putting them together because they are real main event quality performers. They are destined to have a one on one match at a pay per view maybe Summer Slam. They are the favorites in this match. In fact if Rollins wins chances are Orton does not. However despite Rollins screwing Ambrose and Reigns and they had issues with each other a one on one match between them would have a lot of interest if in fact both win. Unlike Reigns both have the total package of in ring ability and great mic skills with Ambrose having the best mic skills. Either one can win and they don’t need anyone to put them over.

RVD. This is his type of match. In fact he has already won one of these matches. If they wanted RVD to have a strap then he would have had it already. Still depending on who is the WWE champ RVD can provide a high quality match against anyone.

Jack Swagger. Ah the benefits of having a quality man in your corner such as Zeb Colter. He would not be relevant if not for Zeb. The other 5 participants will be flying all over the ring so I am not sure what he can offer to this match.

Wade Barrett?? Does his injury keep him out of this match? I believe it will. Wade has a heavy weight body but a mid card player is where he really belongs. His angle is really over with the fans despite being a rule breaker. So it is a shame he had to get hurt while he is hot. He could have won the title shot. But still like Swagger, Barrett can’t fly around and take the kind of bumps the other 5 guys can take.

Rosev??? I think he gets added and might even win if the plan was to have Barrett win. Besides we would get to see the gorgeous Lana at ringside.

Adam Rose/Bo Dallas??? Possible replacements and former NXT guys who are undefeated since getting called up to the big club. Way too soon for a shot at the big strap but a good performance could further endure them to the fans.

CM PUNK??? A real long shot here but he can come back and would win just so he would be back in the title picture. We all know Punk is coming back at some point we hope. This would raise the roof off the joint. And if he wins and decided to cash in his MIB contract that night the building would go crazy. He has a past history with everyone in that match.


Prediction. It’s not too soon for Ambrose or Rollins to win this match. And since the shield pretty much screwed everyone no matter who they face there will be past history. If Punk comes back he will win and cash in his MIB contract that night and win. The boys in the back will complain but that will provide a lot of juice and set the tracks to the one match we all want to see which is Punk vs Bryan at Summerslam. If he does not come back I see Rollins winning the title shot.

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