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mlbMLB Happenings 11-16.


With all the football kicking into the stretch run there was some transactions and news that may have been over looked.

Tigers 3

Two under the radar moves the Tigers made were two new players acquired.  The first one is Anthony Gose who was traded by the Bluejays for a minor league infielder.

Anthiny GoseGose is a player I like and aways felt that the Jays never gave a fair shot to.  While I loved and understood the Lind/Estrada trade made a week ago this one I don’t get.  He doesn’t make any money so it’s not a payroll issue.  One thing for sure is that Gose is not a minor leaguer and hopefully he gets a chance in MoTown who just may be shedding some payroll for future signings.

The other player is Joel Hanrahan.

hanrahan2When your bullpen is as bad as Detroit’s is you need all the help and luck you can get.  Sure Hanrahan is coming off an injury and still is a question mark but he does not cost any money and is only signed to a minor league contract.  The Tigers need to figure out how to win a World Series while they still have this loaded roster which was kept in tact a bit with the resigning of Victor Martinez.



dbacks 2

The Arizona Diamondbacks have acquired a very good pitcher in Jeremy Hellickson.  Hellickson has dealt with some injuries the last couple of years but when he is healthy he is very good.  For a team that seemingly needs a lot of help this is a good start to the new regime headed by Tony La Russa.

Jeremy Hellickson

cubs braves 2

The Braves traded useful infielder Tommy La Stella to the Cubs for a reliever and some International Signing Bonus Slots.  Yes we are at that stage now in MLB.

Tommy La StellaThe Cubs who should have a very busy off season acquired an extremely useful player but when your team has a bunch of middle infielders some of which are considered top prospects why would you need a player like La Stella.  Why would the Braves move him.

Marlins 3 Stanton 1

The Marlins and superstar outfielder Giancarlo Stanton are reportedly close on a mega contract to the tune of 13 years and 325 million dollars.  Think about that for a second.  How can the Marlins afford that?  And when the next Marlin fire sale occurs he will not be so easy to trade. He will be 38 in the last year of his contract a on the down side of his career.  Hopefully this means the Marlins will try to field a competitive team every year now.

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