MLB DLS Predictions

We will start with this American League matchup.  The Astros are the defending champions who seemingly have a better roster than last year especially with starting pitching.  In a year where their stars like Altuve and Correa all had stints on the DL the Stros were able to hold off the fast charging A’s to win the division.  As for the Indians who were bounced out of the playoffs early last year after losing the world series the year before are looking for redemption.  The Indians are a very dangerous team especially if Josh Donaldson can hit and Andrew Miller is healthy.  The Astros are the favorites.  I wouldn’t want to face Verlander twice in this series.  But I do like the Indians to win this series.

The pick: Indians in 5.

The next chapter in the Yankees/Redsox story is about to unfold.  The Redsox are coming off a historic season.  The Yankees won 100 games and the Redsox comfortably won the division.  You can find warts with both teams.  I would be worried about Chris Sale if I were on the Boston side and David Price has never been great in the playoffs.  I would not worry about the the Redsox bats.  I would worry about the Yankee starting pitching.  I am not sold about the dominant bullpen either as Chapman is nursing a bad knee and Britton has not been reliable at all this year.Boston could get knocked off in this post season but it won’t be here.

The Pick:  Redsox in 4

This is my favorite matchup of the post season.  And the NL will have 3 fresh faces in the post season which is always nice to see.  Both these teams were red hot down the stretch and both knocked off the Cubs in Wrigley in one game playoffs.  Both teams feature great offensive teams with questionable pitching.  I just want to have fun watching this series and I hope it goes 5 games

The Pick Brewers in 5

The Braves are back.  Perhaps a little sooner than we expected.  The Dodgers lost a heart breaking world series last year and are looking to get back to that spot.  LA has too much offense for the Braves who are still a couple of pieces short.  Braves will play hard and be competitive.

The Pick LA in 4

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