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Today’s Logo Of The Day comes to us from a now defunct league.  A lot of this leagues players wound up in the other real league for this sport which is Football.  Our only recognizable player was Rick Neuheisel.  I was awarded a franchise in 1984 after the two cities the league really wanted fell through.  My owner Clinton Manges was in the oil business and never paid a fee to join the league instead paying for expenses right out of his own pocket.  When his oil fortune collapsed so did the checks he was paying to his players.  Years later Neuheisel said players would race each other to the bank knowing checks would bounce.  Players often stayed with fans who felt badly that the players were not getting paid.  In fact when Manges died in 2010 several players and staff still hadn’t been paid.

We were only in the league for 2 years.

San Antonio Gunslingers

san antonio gunslingers

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