Logo Of The Day 11-3

Logos are used for just about anything.  Whether it’s sports or business or food or cars etc you get the picture.  Some are memorable for the right and wrong reasons.  But we all have our favorites.  Sports teams often change logos or create new alternative ones.  Some sports teams are no longer in around and those become timeless treasures.  Whatever the case may be we all love logos so see if you can figure out what this logo is before looking at it.


I am a sports logo.  My team was moved to another city.  I was the only professional sports team in this city in the modern era.  I was not part of the official professional sports league until a merger came about in the 1978-1979 season.  My team never won a championship until we moved to our new city.  My sport is not a true American sport but a International sport that is very prominent in the Olympics.  We made news when we drafted one of the biggest stars ever in the sport who had previously told us he would never sign with us.  The players we got in that trade paved the way for the championship we won after we moved to this city in the United Stated.  However we made even bigger news when we had 2 deals with 2 different teams for that player with one residing in the “World’s Most Famous Arena” located in the media capitol of the world.  I am originally a Canadian city playing in Canada’s favorite sport.  Our notable players include, Joe Sakic, Owen Noian, Petr Forsberg & Mats Sundin.








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