Logo Of The Day 11-20

Logo Of The Day 11-20

I was a member of the ABA who played in 2 other cities and had several nicknames.  But when I moved to this city we never played a game.  We started in the 1967-1968 season and our last official season was 1974-1975.  We were sold after this season and played 3 exhibition games before we had to fold due to poor attendance.  The league took over this franchise following the 1974-1975 because the prior owners failed to sell 4,000 season tickets.  I was bought by a group of businessmen for 1 million dollars are were moved to our new city.  The commissioner Dave DeBusschere suddenly awarded the franchise to a group in Memphis but the next day that deal fell through.  Our original name was changed due to public outcry.  Due to mounting financial problems and the lack of attendance we were forced to disband.  Players and personnel weren’t getting paid not even their per diem meal money.  Below I will show all the logos this team has from the beginning.



New Orleans Buccaneers–Memphis Pros–Memphis Tams–Memphis Sounds–Baltimore Hustlers–Baltimore Claws

New Orleans Bucs 1 New Orleans Bucs 2

Memphis Pros Memphis Pros 2

Memphis Tams

Memphis Sounds

Baltimore hustlers

Baltimore Claws 3 Baltimore Claws Baltimore Claws 2

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