Logo Of The Day 11-17

Logo Of The Day 11-17.

My logos come from a now defunct basketball league.  I was known by 3 different names during my time and also split home games between two different cities in my home state.  My first year was 1967 and my last year was 1972.  We had the best record in the league our first year which was also the first year of the league.  But due to bad attendance I was sold and moved to my second home.  Before we moved we sold the rookie of the year to another franchise to pay off debts.

In our first year with our second home we played games among a few different arenas in our city with one of them being an old hangar,  it had no air conditioning so the doors were opened letting in the ocean breeze.  The players had to adjust their shots to account for the currents from the ocean.

After the 1969-70 season the city was dropped from our team name and we were only known by our nickname.  We played our home games in two different cities on 2 different sides of the state.

Our attendance kept slipping and ownership






The Minnesota Muskies-Miami Floridians-Floridians

Floridians 1 floridians 2 floridians 3 Muskies 1

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