Logo Of The Day 11-14

Logo Of The Day 11-14

My team was moved twice since I was known as this team.  Now on our third city we have been a very successful NHL franchise winning multiple Stanley cups and sporting perhaps the finest player of all time at his position.  Our first year in the NHL was 1974-1975 season.  We stayed in this city for 2 seasons before moving to our next one for 6 years then onto where we reside now.  Originally we started in the Midwest then moved more west finally ending up on the North East Coast.  We were part of the 1972 expansion with another city Washington.  Expanding at this time is now seen as a mistake because of the lack of the number of quality players players available.  Our current franchise does not acknowledge any of the players who played in the 2 cities prior to their current one.  However there is a picture of both arena’s on a mural of our home rink.






I am the Kansas City Scouts now known as the New jersey Devils

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