Jet Appeal

Let me start by saying I am not a Jets fan.  I will be fair about that.  I am a Giants fan.  I think of the Jets the same way Yankee fans think of the Mets.  Some little brother who will never amount to anything but will have a few brief moments of success then fade away for a while.  I can say this because I am a Mets fan and despite my hatred for the Yankees and it’s more Yankee fans than anything, can only be jealous and want the same success they have had.  I am sure Jet fans feel the same way.  The Jets ownership and front office might feel like they are competing with the Giants for fans and to be the beloved team in the city.  I don’t think the Giants feel the same way.  Giant fans are loyal and will never go away.  Jet fans are full of frustration amid the roller coaster this team puts them through seemingly all the time especially with Rex Ryan as their head coach.  Jet fans give up on their team seemingly every other week.

Now I am more than shocked this team is 3-2.  I had them at 1-4 at this point.  The Tampa Bay win was a gift due to the moronic penalty committed by that LB in the final seconds of tha game.  Going into that game I thought Tampa would win easy.  Despite the way that game turned out the Jets are probably a better team that Tampa is today.   Last night’s win was a shocker too.  Atlanta was desperate and playing for their season.  They realistically can’t win their division now.  And sadly the NFC playoff picture might already be set.  I think right now if I told you the 6 teams that will make it barring major injuries of course are NFC Least winner, Bears, Packers, Saints, Niners and Seahawks.  Would you bet against me?  I am not going to make this post about Atlanta but I really hate this team.  I can never root for the Jets and wasn’t last night but it doesn’t bother me that this over rated Falcons team lost.  For all Matty Ice’s exploits and comebacks he is headed down the same path as Tony Romo getting labeled with the dreaded can’t win the big game syndrome.  After all the Falcons have 2 home playoff losses already.  Which is exactly the reason why I don’t want Bill Cowher to coach my Giants.  I also hate when owners find their way to the sidelines in the 4th quarter.  Stay your ass in the booth.

But watching that game last night and hearing the comments afterwards I take this from the game.  The Jets have a big time defensive line.  Anytime you can keep a team out of the endzone as many times as they have despite the Falcons having no real running game is impressive.  I had no problem going for the TD at home before the half.  I do have a problem with taking the ball out of the hands of my playmakers.  Matt Ryan, Juiio Jones and the greatest Tight End to ever play football Tony Gonzalez.  God if you just kept throwing the ball at Gonzalez you would have either had a TD or a pass interference call.  Again I don’t want to make this post about the Falcons.  The Jets deserve kudos for how well they played goal line defense last night.

The Jets do have some nice building blocks.  I am not ready to annoint Geno Smith as anything despite what the blowhard Jon Gruden says or what Rex Ryan says.  Every guy the Jets throw out there is the second coming according to Jets fans.  Last night’s game does not erase last week’s game.  Yes he probably  learned some things but he has alot more to learn.  Now Rex Ryan who knows as much about coaching offense as I know about the culture of Angola can’t help keep his mouth shut.  I mean this is who he is.  That is what his old man was.  That is what his brother is.  Full of bravado and never learning humility.  You would think that he has learned his lesson coaching in NY to not say some outlandish things.  That’s why the owner loves him.  That’s why the press loves him.  he will always give you something in every interview in every press conference.  All coaches pump up their own players.  But what he said last night in his press conference was amazing.

He said Matt Ryan had a QB rating of 117 or something like that and that is hard against his defense.  Except when it’s late in the 4th quarter and your sitting on a lead and the opponents drive down the field to win the game or take the lead.  Then he said Geno Smith had a rating of 147 or something like that.  Are you trying to compare the two?  What are you saying?  We all know QB ratings are bullshit.  Dropped passes count against a QB’s rating when it is not their fault.  And Smith threw 20 passes and Ryan threw 45 passes.  Half of Smith’s passes were quick slants and Ryan had to throw the ball down field to get his team back in the game without a running game to support him like Smith did.  I am not saying anything negative about Smith.  He did his job and followed the game plan.  He made the throws when he had to.  But Rex shut your mouth and learn from past mistakes.  I can see it now we are going to hear how dangerous this team is and how no one wants to play this team in the playoffs and blah blah blah all over again.   He can’t help it.  Rex has been far too quiet now for a long time.  The volcano called Mount Rex is ready to blow.

Now onto to Joe Benigno.  Joe is funny.  Joe has passion about his teams.  Joe lives and dies by them.  Joe also flip flops and walks onto the edge of 100 story buildings more than anybody I have ever see before in my life.  Last year he hated Rex.  He wanted him gone.  he hated most of this team.  He had no faith in them.  Now he loves Rex  and was talking about how hard this team plays for him despite what he was saying last year.  How he loves Geno Smith and how Nick Folk is the best kicker in the sport.  I just laugh when he talks cause of the roller coaster he takes himself and anyone who listens to him on.  After the next jet loss he will be singing a different tune.  He loves Marty Mornhinweg.  Yeah he used to love Brian Schottenheimer too.  Joe is too funny with his rants and his praise of his teams.  It is just getting hard to take him serious anymore.  Joe also has a thing for SEC players and he loves Sheldon Richardson because he went to Missouri which is in the SEC.  Hey Benigno Missouri just got to the SEC and by no means does anybody consider them a real SEC team yet.  No one is saying this kid does not have talent.  But not every top SEC player is going to be a good pro.

Now  more importantly.  I can see it now.  Jet fans. Jet Nation getting all giddy and talking about the playoffs and going crazy over Geno Smith.  Let’s see if you all learn your lesson too.  Again as a Mets fan I used to get giddy and start talking real big whenever my Mets started to have success.  It was usually short lived and never fulfilled the ultimate goal.  In many ways these franchise are a mirror image.  Both won championships in 1969.  Mets won in 1986.  Jets had a great start but fell apart. They would not have beaten the Giants that year anyway.  Throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s each had a few big seasons where championships were being talked about.  And each failed.  Whether they weren’t good enough or crazy things happened ie Vinny Testaverde’s injury or the Mets losing a couple of starting pitchers before the 2006 playoffs started or the collapse in Denver or the Mets losing despite one of the greatest catches in a big game by a player ever-Endy Chavez.  We can go into the bad players choking like the Mets band of misfit closers like Armando Benitez and missed field goals in Pittsburgh.  We can go on and on. But you get the point.  I as a Mets fan have since learned my lesson to keep my mouth shut and not make any statements about winning or being the best or we have found our franchise quarterback for the one hundredth time.  Both franchises just might be cursed. Just look at Matt Harvey.

Jet fans take it easy cause I can see it already.  Chill out.  Watch your team.  Don’t put any un realistic expectations on this team or your QB.  He still has lots to learn.  What Mark Sanchez did is extremely rare.  Those things don’t happen all the time.  Let your coach run his mouth off.  He is good at that.  Just sit back and watch your team.  You do have some good building blocks.  Don’t get your hopes up.  This team is not going to the Super Bowl this year.  It will be tough to just make the playoffs.  Learn from your past mistakes.  Don’t jump onto that roller coaster of emotions yet.  This was supposed to be a rebuilding year.  Sit back and watch your team build for the future.

3 thoughts on “Jet Appeal

  1. Richiiiiiiiiie

    OK…as a Jet fan, I can say a couple of things about his post:
    1) No real Jet fan is thinking playoffs. As a Met fan, you should know exactly how long-suffering fans take any small success…with a big grain of salt
    2) I saw Rex’s presser after the game, and I found him to be appropriately pumped up. It’s very true that few QBs in the league have high QBRs against that defense and Geno’s was 147.7. The numbers are what they are. Yes drops count against you, but it’s an even playing field and Ryan’s QBR was HELPED by the late game passing barrage (not hurt by it as you claimed) as his completion percentage was off-the-charts. Begrudging a man for being excited about a big win in a place where “Matty Ice” was 36-4 going into the game seems a bit like sour grapes to me.
    3) Who cares what Joe Benigno says? I like to listen as a Jet fan, but you’re right…he’s all over the map.
    Don’t always agree, but keep the good stuff coming man…I enjoy reading this!!!!

    1. bigsportsfanandmore Post author

      Allow me to retort.
      1. I already see it on Facebook and hearing the talk around the office. You are the smart one. Not all are like you.
      2. My point is why did he have to compare the two. From my standpoint he was trying to pump up his player by comparing the two players QB ratings. My other point was I don’t care what the stats or rankings say you can even admit this, there have been plenty of times when an opposing offense has gone right down the field to tie or go ahead late in the 4th qtr. I am not saying the man can’t coach defense. But just an example of how stats are mis leading.
      3. When Joe benigno gets to give opinions on the Jets postgame show that is a problem because he is a noted Jet fan. Joe Klecko and Ray Lucas are former jets who are not Jet fans but do have some sort of allegiance to the team. But I have seen them blast the Jets as Joe B has also.

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