As we head into the Fast Lane pay per view which is the last big event before Wrestlemania we are supposed to see questions answered and the continuation of the buildup to the Super Bowl of Wrestling.  This card is lack luster.  Yes we are going to see matches we have never seen before but the outcome is either predictable or just something that no one cares for.


Let’s look at the main event.  Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns with the winner going onto face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania for the big strap.  I know the fans love Bryan and want him in that match but I can’t see it being a one on one match.  I said a month ago I would make this a fatal 4 way elimination match with the above 3 wrestlers and Seth Rollins who has to cash in that brief case.  Or maybe Rollins picks the bones after the match which could still be a triple threat match.  I will say I really feel if the match is a straight one on one match at Wrestlemania it will be Reigns and not Bryan in the match.  I know Bryan is the much better in ring performer and his mic skills are better but does anyone believe he can beat Lesnar one on one and would the WWE want Bryan who is coming back from a neck injury to get tossed around for 20 minutes.  This is a match that screams of a run in or screw job ending.  Looking around at the roster I don’t see the Wrestlemania opponent for Reigns.  As for Bryan I guess he could be in a match with Seth Rollins which I would make a 2 out of 3 falls match between the two best technical wrestlers in the company.

Winner Roman Reigns.  But as I said I somehow feel Daniel Bryan makes his way into the main event at Wrestlemania.


Which leads me into the 6 man tag team match.  Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan vs Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane.  I guess this is the only way to get some of these guys on the card but this angle is so done.  Ryback and Dolph should be in the top level.  Rowan I am not so sure about.  Kane is a great worker who is winding down his career and looks like he will work yet another program against The Big Show.  Then we have Seth Rollins.  He is stuck in this angle yet being  Mr Money In The Bank.  This screams of a Randy Orton run in doesn’t it.  We haven’t seen this match yet and having this match at Wrestlemania makes sense especially if there is a 3 way match for the big strap.  Don’t forget having that briefcase means Rollins can insert him into that match if he wants but him cashing in at the end of Wrestlemaina would be crazy.

Winner.  It doesn’t really matter but I think the fan favorites win this one.  RKO returns to screw Rollins


John Cena vs Rusev for the United States Championship.  The title means nothing here.  However I felt this match is better suited for Wrestlemania and we could still see that.  When is the right time to have Rusev lose?  That is the question right now for the WWE.  He has demolished all opponents and now he gets the golden boy.  I honestly don’t know what to think about this match except that I do think we will see a rematch at Wrestlemania.  I can’t see Cena wearing the United States title and you would have thought the WWE was setting up a Rock/Rusev match with technically the Rock costing Rusev the Royal Rumble match making the save when Reigns was getting beat up by Kane and Show.  But don’t expect a Rock run in here.  Not to save Cena.

Winner Either Rusev wins illegally or Cena wins by DQ.


Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett for the Inter Continental Title.  Ambrose should be a main eventer.  He has the whole package.  I look for him to win the belt as a consolation for losing to Bray Wyatt at the last couple of pay per views.  Barrett is a fine worker and he WWE seems to like him but he just can’t stay healthy.  Ambrose is not being used the right way in my opinion.  He deserves to be on every pay per view.

Winner Dean Ambrose

sting trips

Triple H/Sting.  We all know this is headed towards Sting’s first ever match in the WWE at Wrestlemania against Triple H.  So this face to face will not be highly climatic.  We know what this is going to lead to.


Goldust vs Stardust.  Who really cares?  Dustin is rumored to be hanging up the boots and having a series of matches against his brother is a good way to go out I guess.  But other than that when this match comes on it would be a good time to catch up on the Oscars.

Winner Stardust. Dusty gets involved in some way.


The USO’s vs Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.  Let’s face it.  The Tag Team division is weak.  The USO’s are better than I thought they were.  But it always seems like the WWE just tries to put 2 guys together to form a team and give them a few months run like The Miz and Mizdow which now has run it’s course.  I don’t know how I feel about the Ascension yet but I feel the USO’s win this match.  All this mini feud is accomplishing is to separate Natalya and Naomi from the rest of the pop tarts in the Diva’s division.  I was hoping for another Dudley Boyz run in the tag team division.  But seriously WWE needs to do something with this division.  You got a lot of guys on the roster who you can pair up and give them a really long run.  I am glad to see the Prime Time Players back together.  So I am looking for a fatal 4 way match at Wrestlemania with the USO’s, PT Players, Ascension and Cesaro and Kidd.  It’s a shame Cesaro can’t get to the next level.  He has the in ring ability but no mic skills an even the great Paul Heyman can’t help him there.

Winners USO’s.


Nicki Bella vs Paige for the Divas strap.  I will say this.  Nicki Bella has improved a lot in the ring as has Brie and their significant others had a part in that I’m sure.  This will be a 10 minute match at best.  Paige is a terrific in ring worker and once you get past her accent and pale complexion she really grows on you.  The Bellas have always been smoking hot because of their looks but the Total Divas show have really elevated them.  Watching them on the show to me they really have become sexual icons.  They talk about sex very freely on the show which appeals to the fan base.  They generate heat better than any of the females on the roster.  As I have said before we need separate Divas divisions.  The main eventers which include Paige, The Bellas, Naomi, Natalia and if we ever see her again AJ Lee.  Charlotte the Nature Boy’s latest offspring wrestler is on her way will make a compelling division.  Second Division will include Diva’s like Cameron who never will be a consistent in ring performer.  However Alicia Fox can be in the Main Event.  I know it’s hard to get the ladies a lot of TV time to further their characters and that is what Total Diva’s is for.

Winner: Can go either way.  Nikki wins.  Brie will get involved with the outcome of this match.

Overall this pay per view is only worth watching because it is a set up to Wrestlemania and it should confirm a couple of matches.  Also could this be the return of Randy Orton or some other star.  WWE is capable of more and more is expected.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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