Fastlane Preview


Big E and Xavier Woods vs Nakamura and Rusev. 

Nak and Rusev are very underused right now.  So anytime these two great talents are in a match albeit in the kickoff show is good.  WWE needs to get these guys into meaningful story lines.  As for Big E and Xavier.  I keep saying there is no reason why the New Day needs to be strictly tag teams.  As we see Kofi getting a singles push right now.  Big E was thought of as a future champion when he began.  I think this will be a good match with Nak and Rusev getting the win.

Andrade vs Mysterio

These two have had good matches.  Mysterio’s job is to make sure Andrade gets over and it seems to be working.  Andrade is a good worker.  I am not sure I want to see this match again.  Some think it will be one of the best on the card.  Let’s give Andrade the win here.

The Shield vs Corbin, McIntyre & Lashley

I could care less about this match.  Seriously.  I didn’t like that the Shield got back together.  If this leads to Ambrose re-signing, then great.  Roman Reigns probably can’t wrestle a 10-minute match on his own and Seth Rollins in coming off an injury so this could be a way to ease both back into action.  This Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley team must go.  They keep getting matched up against the same wrestlers.  Good lord let’s push Drew into the main event status and maybe after Wrestlemania he will be.   Look for the Shield to win.

The Uso’s vs Shane and Miz

This match is too further along the inevitable Shane vs Miz match at Wrestlemania.  Maybe they break up at Fastlane.  And if so hopefully Miz becomes the heel.  The Uso’s retain the titles.

Revival vs Gable & Roode vs Aleister Black and Ricochet.

I can’t get a read on this match.  The Revival have not won a match on TV since winning the straps and have already lost to Ricochet and Black.  But they had Nakamura and Rusev attack Ricochet and Black on Smackdown Live after they beat The Bar.  So, what they are doing with the Ricochet and Black is beyond me.  Since these titles don’t have any meaning what so ever maybe the Revival do win this match.  I predict the Revival winning this match and the Ricochet and Black stay on Smackdown if they are serious about keeping them together as a tag team.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Nia Jax and Tamina

There was no real build to this match.  So that makes me feel like Sasha and Bayley will retain the titles.  I think Nia is very under used right now.  I think the problem is they don’t know what to do with her.  She is so much bigger physically than most of the roster.  Giving her a run with the tag titles might not be a bad idea but maybe this happens after Wrestlemania.

Asuka vs Mandy Rose

Asuka wins the title in a triple threat match.  She makes The Man tap out at the Royal Rumble.  Then we see her wrestle on TV once.  And that match she lost to Mandy Rose with Sonya’s help.  Supposedly she was supposed to wrestle on this past week’s Smackdown Live but got hurt the night before at a house show and Naomi filled in and got squashed by Mandy with Sonya’s help.  Another match with no build up.  Asuka took both out after the match so maybe we will see Naomi in her corner for this match.  There is no reason to take the strap off Asuka.  Asuka retains.

Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens

KO gets this match basically because Kofi Kingston got too big too quick and his match against Daniel is better off saved for Wrestlemania.  They could have given this match to another wrestler who was more deserving than the returning KO.  But since Daniel is not going to lose then whatever.  I do expect a run in during this match by either Mustafa Ali or maybe Sami Zayn.

Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

OK so for those who were crying about Becky not being in the main event at Wrestlemania you can stop the tears after Fastlane.  Becky will win the match either outright because the WWE has gone out of their way to keep having their best overall female wrestler continuously get beaten by a one-legged woman, or when Ronda does a run in and beats up both Charlotte and Becky.   Either way by the end of Monday Night Raw the triple threat will be official.

So not a great card tonight.  Maybe some surprises happen as we get one more week closer to Wrestlemania.

I am not going to discuss my thoughts on what could be the Wrestlemania card in this post.  I got something better to write about which I hop to have up by tomorrow.

Enjoy Fastlane

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