Fast Lane Review

So Fast Lane is in the books and we have 2 matches officially announced for Wrestlemania and the seeds planted for several others.  I didn’t expect much from this Pay Per View so eclipsing my expectations was not going to be hard to do.  But I was pleasantly surprised by some of the matches.

Sting met Triple H face to face and never said a word.  Triple H gave Sting a cheap shot and beat him down and went for his trusty sledge hammer.  Sting has his bat and gained the upper hand and pointed to the Wrestlemania sign.  Again he left Triple H laying in the ring.  We would find out very quickly that Triple H accepted the challenge which was no real surprise.  Will we ever hear Sting talk and will he be on Raw tonight?

Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan and will now face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania for the big strap.  This was by far the best singles match Reigns has ever been in.  Although Bryan carried much of the match.  The fans still want Bryan in the main event at Wrestlemania and my question is where is Bryan’s opponent.  Now that Randy Orton has returned and has set his sights on Seth Rollins which is a yet to be made official match at Wrestlemania where is the top level opponent for Bryan.  I still feel Bryan gets in that match some how.  But let’s say he doesn’t.  I have heard rumors that maybe Dolph Ziggler could be that opponent.  How this comes about if it does we’ll just have to watch raw.

As for the 6 man tag match it was more of the same.   J & J security gets involved and Ryback, Rowan and Ziggler take turns getting beat downs from Kane, The Big Show, Rollins and J & J. This was the  Randy Orton return moment which we had to wait til the match was over.  The problem is no one really cared about the outcome.  We have seen this match too many times and now hopefully these guys can move onto other opponents.

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd defeated the USO’s for the tag team titles.  This was a good match which had a great finish.  Very high flying and in my opinion stiffly worked.  Kidd is alot better a wrestler than I thought he was.  Cesaro is a tremendous wrestler.  Look for the USO’s and Ascension to be in a triple threat match at wrestlemania.

Nikki Bella beat Paige.  It is clear the WWE are centering on a few divas with the rest fighting for TV time.  Paige has held the title a couple of times already so she didn’t need to win it back.  But still this was a solid match.  Now we need Naomi and Nattie to get out of this crap of standing behind their husbands and get back in the ring.  The ladies will get one match at Wrestlemania possibly two but definitely one.  Would love to see Naomi and Nattie in the match with Nicki and Paige.

Goldust beat Stardust and honestly I didn’t bother watching this match because there will be another one at Wrestlemaina probably with a retirement stipluation for Goldust.

Rusev beats Cena by submission.  Well Cena had just broken the Accolade when Lana jumped on the apron allowing a low blow kick to Cena followed by a shot to the head knocking him out when Rusev again put on the Accolade to a unconscious Cena.  Tonight we’ll see Cena make his usually never give up speech and challenge Rusev to a match at Wrestlemania where he probably wins.  But I thought this was a pretty good match which firmly plants Rusev in the main event status.

Wade Barrett wins by DQ over Dean Ambrose.  This match was pointless and the entire angle makes no sense like it was rushed out to get Ambrose on the PPV.  They will fight again and no one cares about the title and Ambrose is super over anyway.

We hears the beats and saw the druids rolling out the coffin and we thought the Dead Man is here.   Having Bray Wyatt  inside the casket calling out the Undertaker was brilliant.  I suspect we’ll see the Taker tonight to accept the match at Wrestlemania.  The way Wyatt has been used has been real good and he has done a good job making that gimmick very beleivable.

So here is my projected Wrestlemania matchups/results

Reigns/Lesnar/Bryan.  Until I see another road for Bryan he has to be in this match.  Depending on what Brock’s future is I can see him losing and immediately the Authority jumps in to help Rollins cash in the briefcase.

HHH/Sting.  Sting wins.  No chance he loses.  Maybe Flair gets involved.

Cena/Rusev.  Cena wins this one.

Undertaker/Bray Wyatt.  Taker won’ t lose two mania matches in a row.  Not like it matters anymore.

Orton/Rollins.  I think Orton wins and Rollins cashes in the briefcase or maybe Orton spoils that too.

Goldust/Stardust retirement match.  Goldie is ready to hang up the tights.

Cesaro & Kidd/USO’s/Ascension.  Maybe the Prime Time Players make their way into this match. Cesaro and Kidd retain the titles.

Ambrose/Barrett.  This angle makes no sense but they started something last night.

Miz/Mizdow.  This would be a good match and not a bad match to have in the middle of the card when things slow down a bit.

Diva’s match Nikki Bella will defend against I still think they are better suited to have Naomi, Nattie and Paige in a 4 way match unless AJ is back

The rest out of the following which includes Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Big Show, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Ryback and the returning Sheamus.  Maybe they have another Andre The Giant memorial Battle Royal.  You still have plenty of guys without matches besides the guys iisted already.  Adam Rose, The New Day, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Fandango, Los Matadores, Heath Slater, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, R Truth,


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