Elimination Chamber Picks And More


So I thought I was going to write about the last couple of weeks of Raw and Smackdown and give my Elimination Chamber picks.  But yesterday around 6PM things got poppin big time.  Twitter and Instagram are burning up.  A lot of fans made judgements already without knowing any of the facts.  And what I am talking about is the huge scandal involving Corey Graves, his wife Amy and Carmella.  I will be writing about this for much of this post because it is just that big of a topic and opinions have already been made despite the lack of any facts or real evidence.  This is on the heels of the Naomi/Uso incident in Detroit where Naomi was driving down the wrong way and Uso was drunk and challenged a cop to a fight.  I guess Naomi was sober because she was not arrested.  But the son of Rikishi was put into a Detroit prison.  WWE’s comment was that we don’t comment on wrestler’s personal lives.  You won’t see any comment by the WWE about Graves/Carmella today or probably ever.


So for the facts on this and I have decided to use the real names of Carmella(Leah) and Corey(Matt) because this is not about their WWE personas.  This is about their real life characters.  We have factual proof of the following:

  • Matt’s and Amy’s marriage is probably over. I don’t see any way they get past this aside from having 3 kids.  How long their marriage has been an issue is a mystery but that is Matt’s and Amy’s business and not ours.
  • Matt has a lot of demons. Alcohol and suicidal and whatever.  If you believe in those text messages and I do then Matt was/is fighting demons.
  • The only real 100 percent victims are the 3 children Matt and Amy share together. They did not ask for this and now will grow up without a full time father or as much of a father Matt could be for them with his busy work schedule.  They now will know that their parents dirty laundry were and will be on display forever.

As for the speculated facts.

  • Matt and Leah had an affair. I will say this is true since Leah or Matt have not publicly denied it.  If I was Leah I would have come right out and said I was never with Matt and I have no other comment right now.  But she didn’t and if the WWE told her not to say anything I would have said I am saying what I want.  Her reputation and character have taken massive hits.
  • How long was this going on if indeed it is true? Was it just once or an ongoing thing?
  • Was Leah in the know of a problem or separation in Matt and Amy’s marriage?
  • Is Leah a home wrecker or whore as she has been called online or how much fault she has in this situation.

So let’s go with the 3 parties involved.

How much of a victim is Amy?

For the few people who actually read this(not sure is anyone reads this lol) I won’t be making any female friends by saying this.  Amy is a victim partly.  If Matt did cheat on her yes that makes her a full victim.  She could have played that card forever.  What she did was make this public.  Her children now know about this and this is something that should have been kept quiet.  I do understand she is hurt and betrayed.  But she made it public.  Accusing Leah of sleeping with her husband.  Matt’s demons with alcohol and suicide.  Putting up posts and taking them down.  Once those posts go up don’t take them down.  Have the guts to stand by them or don’t put them up at all.  Divorce is messy without the issues.  The last thing you need is to have the public reading about everything.  Again the issue of her children.  She made this public to them.  Not only are their parents getting divorced but all the dirty laundry will be aired before this is over.  We don’t know how Amy found out about this.  Did someone tell her?  Did she find out on her own?  Because Amy made this public these questions and others need to be answered.  Additionally why in the hell would you publicly kill the character of a person who needs to keep his character in tact to make a living.  I will be the cynic here and I know Amy never thought about this initially.  But anything she releases about Matt publically will cost him money.  Money that Amy will get half of.  If WWE fires him for this what did she accomplish?  I know it’s materialistic.  But if he did cheat on her and with how she stood behind him when he had his problems.  Then I don’t see how she loses in court.


Matt from my standpoint is 100 percent accountable in this.  The only way he is not at fault is if he told Amy the marriage was over and she didn’t believe it or want to accept it.  If they discussed a separation or divorce knowing his marriage was over then everyone owes Matt an apology.  That is also based on when he got together with Leah too.  Cheating on your wife is never cool.  If they agreed the marriage was over and had to work out the details especially with kids involved then Matt MIGHT get a pass.  And hopefully he was honest with Leah about his marriage too.  He still would need to answer questions.  A lot of questions.  Matt is battling demons.  Some just don’t go away.  You will fight them your whole life.  Maybe Matt had a moment of weakness and cheated.  Maybe his marriage was not as fulfilling as he needed it to be and Leah was just being sweet and things just happened.  Being weak and cheating on your wife just because your marriage is not good is not acceptable.  I was in a bad marriage and I didn’t stray.  It just didn’t feel right to.  Like I stated before Matt is going to look like the worst one in all of this for many reasons.

Now Leah.  I have been thinking about this for a few hours now.  And I am going to bring in my real life situation for clarity purposes.  I would love for and hope that Leah is an innocent victim in this whole situation.  It’s a bad weekend with a pay per view happening tonight.  She is wrestling with Naomi and this could be the start of a push for her.  So I don’t expect her to comment about it today.  In my opinion if she didn’t sleep with Matt I feel we would have heard her say that already.  I also would not let WWE make me keep quiet.  Maybe she went to Matt and said WTF dude.  I will say what I believe happened here.  I think Matt told Leah his marriage is over.  Maybe in his eyes it was.  Leah is so beautiful and I think real sweet that he couldn’t help himself as most men wouldn’t be able to.  Leah could have asked about his marriage and was told it’s over.  But hey we got 3 kids and I still live there because we are trying to figure out how to tell them and obviously there will be legal issues that need to be ironed out like their financial situations and property etc.  That is certainly possible.  Not to air my dirty laundry but me and my ex were having problems for a long time.  We actually had a conversation where she asked me if I wanted a divorce and I said yes.  She ran off for 2 days which was the pattern for her after every argument.  She would come back and things would get patched up but broke again a few days later.  The last time when I said I wanted a divorce and she ran out I packed a bag and went to my Mom’s house.  I left her a note saying I am staying away until we get this divorce straightened out.  To this day my ex-wife denies that part of the conversation and has told the whole world I asked for a divorce by letter.  So perhaps Amy did not believe it was over even though Matt was saying it.  Now from that point if this is how it went the ball goes into Leah’s court.

As a man who is divorced I wanted to tell any women I started talking to right from the beginning what my status was.  In June of 2016 I separated from my wife.  She stayed in our apartment for 3 months until she moved out.  During that time I stood by my mother’s house.  The last time I saw my ex-wife was September of that year when she moved out of our apartment.  I then returned to the apartment.  There was a few texts and emails during the course of the next 16 months or so.  Finally in January of this year did she sign divorce papers.  During that 2 and a half period when a woman I started talking to asked me if I was married I just told the truth.  I would say we separated in June of 2016.  I haven’t seen or spoken to her in many months.  She won’t sign the divorce papers for whatever reason.  In my eyes I consider myself divorced.  It is just not legal.  But in no way will there ever be a reconciliation.  I happen to have a lot of very close female friends.  In fact whenever I have questions about love I always ask them instead of my male friends.  Also I am the one they go to when they have problems with guys or just need s shoulder to cry on.

During my whole separation I probably asked about 10 different women the same question.  “Would you date a guy who is separated and not yet divorced?”  Is there a wrong answer to this question?  It’s just what that person really believes in.  Two women said it does not matter to them.  They would date a man if they felt comfortable it was over despite the legal status.  The rest all said they want to know it’s a completed and signed divorce before dating.  So take that for what it’s worth.  Ladies please ask yourselves that question before you pass judgement on Leah.  She could have fallen in the 20 percent who said the legal status does not matter to them.  Maybe this is what happened and if it happened this way is Leah a home wrecker?  No she is not.  Should she have waited for Matt to be legally divorced?  Does the fact that she is in the public eye make her decision different?  I would say if you are in the public eye and want to be a role model and build a bigger brand for yourself maybe Leah should have waited.  Is that fair to her?  No.  Of course maybe Matt completely lied to Leah.  If he did that he is lower than dirt.  Or maybe Leah didn’t care if his marriage was good and wanted to sleep with Matt anyway.  Matt comes out looking really bad in this scenario.  I tend to not believe that.  Why you ask.  I was not a fan of Leah when she first came up.  I didn’t think she was a good wrestler.  She is beautiful.  I don’t watch NXT at all because by Wednesday I am tired of watching wrestling and need time for other things.  So if she was good there I wouldn’t have known.  My opinion of Leah started to change when I saw some behind the scenes stuff on the Network where her true self showed up.  She grew on me.  So I feel she is not the type to break up a healthy marriage.  Not when she can get any single guy she wants.

There is some other stuff that needs to be cleared up that I have read online in the last 18 hours.  Only one person cheated here and that is Matt.  Leah didn’t cheat on anyone.  She doesn’t have a boy friend that is publically known.  She also does not owe Amy anything.  She was not the one who strayed.  Matt wrecked his own home and not Leah.  There are a lot of facts we don’t know about that must come out publically now.  Leah and Matt have been publically scarred.  We need to know what really happened.  I am 100 percent sure Leah is regretting this whole thing now.  Certainly this incident might cost her a push and more money.  Certainly her reputation has been damaged.  And in some people’s eyes they will never believe what truths come out.  They will always see the girl who slept with a guy who was still married.  My one question I would ask Leah would be “Was this really worth it?”  Her career could have been permanently derailed.

In something I never ever do.  I sent a private message to Leah on Instagram.  Now I don’t expect her to read it.  I am sure she has thousands of messages with a lot of them putting her down and calling her a slut and a whore.  But I wrote the message as if we were good friends and what I would say to her about this if she came to me as a friend.  She 100 percent has not read it but I hope she does read it.  So please Leah check your Instagram direct messages and read my very long one.  I think you might feel better.


There are a lot of lessons we can take from this whole incident.

  1. We are all humans and humans make mistakes. Celebrities are no different.  They should not be held to higher standards than the average person
  2. People are innocent until proven guilty. A good number of the public has already trashed Leah and Matt.
  3. Social media is bad. I wonder how many people if they saw Matt or Leah would dare say this stuff directly to their face.  I am not talking about as they are walking past you in the middle of a pack people.  Guys how many of you would go up to Leah and look her in the eye and say you’re a whore.
  4. Don’t air your dirty laundry in front of the world. If your not famous do you need to tell everyone you know about your divorce and what happened.
  5. All of our actions have consequences. We tend to not stop and think things through at times.  Leah knew Matt was 100 percent still married (I assume) and whether or not she was told the truth she could have just said we can just wait.  Things happen spur of the moment and people tend to live their lives like that.  I am not judging those people either.

With that I am still supporting Leah.  Her response to this situation will be important as the facts hopefully start to come out.  Leah you still have people in your corner and I hope to see you in NY in April.


PHEW.  Now onto my Elimination Chamber picks.

The actual PPV has 6 matches and half of them are not very good.  The only two matches that mean anything to me are the Elimination Chamber matches.  The rest are wastes to me.  I correctly picked the entire Royal Rumble card.  Let’s see how I do here.

Braun Stroman vs Baron Corbin.  No DQ match.

We all know Drew and Kurt are getting involved.  Perhaps a surprise person.  God please let that be true.  This is an angle going that needs to end fast.  They have destroyed Braun to the point where he has no where to go.  He can’t turn heel because that would kill his character.  And there are too many heels on Raw right now.  There has to be a winner.  So I predict Braun.

Finn Balor vs Lashley and Lio Rush

Rush is a damn good entertainer.  I liken him to the Little Wayne with Odell Beckham Jr.  Finn is the best wrestler to not have a title reign.  This can’t be a match we see at Wrestlemania.  This angle needs to end as it is also going no where.  Would love to see EC3 start a program with Finn.  Balor wins the strap tonight.

Mc Miz vs The Uso’s.

I still believe the Miz and Shane are destined for a match against each other at Wrestlemania.  So this match is necessary to develop that storyline.  However I don’t think the Uso’s win the straps tonight.  I think another team wins the straps between now and/or at Fastlane.  One half of the Uso’s getting arrested does not help things either.  If they had any thought of putting the straps on the Uso’s again that should be off the table now.  Mc Miz wins but maybe we see the start of the break up.

Ronda Rousey vs Ruby Riott

How can the WWE even try to sell this match to us when we know what is happening at Mania?  Ronda is not losing before Mania.  Period.  Maybe Charlotte and Becky do a run in for a DQ.  WWE announcing Becky re injured her knee might be something to throw us off.  Or does anybody think that story was just planted by the WWE to take some attention off the Leah/Matt story.  Let’s hope Ron Ron builds up Ruby like she did for Sasha.  Ronda retains.

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match for the New Women’s Tag Team Title

History will be made tonight.  And this will probably be the first match of the night too.  So wow we have a lot going on here.  First the crowd reaction to Carmella will be interesting to see.  Also will the WWE let Corey do the show.  I don’t think they can.  He might need to be off TV for a few days. When these titles were announced I thought Sasha and Bailey would be the first ones to win the belts.  This 4 Horsemen angle is coming.  And everyone knows the Horsemen have the gold.  But I want to see the top spots be given to a lot of these well deserving women.  Sasha and Bailey don’t need the straps right now.  And they are building up Bailey big time.  It almost seems like they are going to have the Boss and Hug Connection win this match.  Can we please stop with re using old names.  The only connection that matters is the Rock and Sock Connection.  So I think Bailey and Sasha don’t win tonight but carry much of the match.  Nia and Tamina.  I just don’t see it.  They are big but also can be ganged up to be eliminated.  I do expect that to happen.  Fabulous Glow would have been interesting to me because I think it’s a good pairing.  But after the Carmella scandal how can the WWE give the straps to that team now.  Maybe if Carmella gets a good reception they can flip this during the match.  I was going to pick them as one of the two teams to be there at the end.  Now I don’t think so.  I have seen a lot of predictions on who will win this match and there is really no clear cut favorite here which I think is good. We can be surprised for a change.  So that leaves 3 teams.  The IIconics have gotten no push at all.  This is a real dark horse team here.  Mandy and Sonja are a very strong team but I think the final two teams left will be the IIconics and Morgan and Logan.  For my winners I predict Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.  With Bailey and Sasha challenging them at Wrestlemania.

Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

Well the WWE did everything it could to get more interest in this match with that Kofi Kingston entry and push in the gauntlet match.  I also am hoping for a Bray Wyatt appearance.  It makes sense in this match but if not maybe he can start a program with Lashley or Drew. But I want to see Bray back.  This match to me is just blah.  I am figuring Daniel Bryan to retain his title.  AJ might need a change to Raw for a new storyline.  I don’t see Hardy or Orton winning this match either.  Nor do I see Daniel Bryan’s Mania opponent in this match.  I would love to see Samoa Joe win.  I want him to get some gold at some point.  Having Kofi Kingston win this match is something this company never does.  Much like Finn Balor beating Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.  So Daniel Bryan retains.


That’s it for now.  I was hoping to talk more about Raw and Smackdown but that was before last night’s news.  Since I am off work tomorrow I might post my reactions to the PPV and talk more about Wrestling.

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