Game 6 Stories


Ricky Vaughn dominated Girl Power scattering 5 hits winning his second start of the season as Wild Things takes the series with a 6-3 victory.  Vaughn was brilliant for 8 innings allowing one run on 2 hits before tiring in the ninth.  Down Town Anderson drove in 2 runs in the top of the first inning as GP found themselves playing catchup once again.  Darryl Palmer returned to the lineup with a RBI double in the 2nd and Manny Alvarado has a run scoring sacrifice fly in the third building a 4-1 lead.

Lana struggled early but willed herself to pitch 8 innings despite 3 Girl Power errors.  Asuka pitched the 9th inning and gave up a 2 run HR to Willie Mayes Hayes to seemingly put the game out of reach.  Sarah Logan’s third HR of the season and Lana’s guts were the only bright spots for much of the game.  While being completely dominated by Vaughn they took advantage of his fatigue in the bottom of the 9th.

Peyton Royce opened the inning with a single.  Carmella then drew a walk.  After Charlotte flied out Nia Jax singled loading the bases.  Ronda Rousey hit a 2 run single cutting the lead to 6-3 and knocking out Vaughn.  The Duke came into the game with first and second and one out to face Logan who is the hottest hitter on the team.  The Duke struck out both Logan and Nikki Bella to end the game.  You have to admire how hard this team plays and never gives up but it’s time for Girl Power to start winning games.

After the game as usual Paige was in the center of the storm and had this to say.  “We can no longer accept losing.  We can no longer accept playing hard.  We have a lot of things to square away if we want to stay competitive in this league.  It always starts with me.  But I am holding everyone on this team accountable starting with me.”  We even heard from owner Stephanie McMahon who had this to say.  “The performance the last 2 days is not acceptable.  5 errors in 2 games.  We are always behind in the game before we even get to hit.  I love these ladies but we are not here for participation trophies.”  Team leader Carmella called for a team meeting after the game.  Carmella gave a “No Comment” on what was talked about during the team meeting.

Charly Caruso said after the game “tomorrow is an off day and maybe the team should just forget about the game and do something fun together.”  Renee Young added “Mental Break.”

Meanwhile Lou Brown was expecting to get some heat for allowing Vaughn to start the ninth.  “Ricky was dominant today.  There was nothing we saw that would tell us to remove him before the 9th inning.  I told you my bullpen is good.  The Duke is lights out.”

Next up Girl Power goes on the road for the first time to face Wonderboy.  Wild Thing plays at home for the first time against The Outlaws.


The Brotherhood rode an emotional gutty performance by Dean Ambrose to a 4-3 win over Wonderboy to win the series and secure the league’s best overall record after one week of play.

This game started much like the previous two games with Wonderboy jumping out to early leads.  This time it was not the long ball much to the approval of Pop Fisher, Wonderboy manufactured runs.  Pat Corning led off the game with a single and stole second.  Bobby Rayburn singled him home.  In the second inning John Olsen drove in Stan Ross with a groundout and with Billy Chapel on the mound Wonderboy was feeling confident.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning AJ Styles hit a solo HR cutting the lead to 2-1.  Next up was the red hot Kofi Kingston who tripled and scored on a Roman Reigns sacrifice fly.  In the top of the 4th Bo Gentry hit a solo HR to give Wonderboy the lead right back.  Titus O’Neill needed to calm down Ambrose who was visibly upset after the inning.  John Cena led off the bottom of the inning with a triple and was driven in by Jeff Hardy tying the game at 3.  In the bottom of the 5th Kingston led off the inning with a single and scored on a Big Show double to give the Brotherhood a 4-3 lead.

Meanwhile Ambrose settled down and pitched into the 8th inning.  However, he needed help to escape the 6th inning.  With Stan Ross on second and 2 outs Tanner Boyle came up to bat.  He singled to center and Ross tried to score but was cut down by Kingston.  That was the last serious threat Wonderboy had in the game as Xavier Woods earned his league leading 4th save by recording 3 strikeouts in the 9th.

It was not a very Chapel like performance today.  “I was given the lead twice today and I couldn’t hold it down and that’s on me,” Said Chapel.  “I know me and I will be better.”

Kingston on his team’s performance.  “Everyone was downplaying us.  We feel we are as good as anyone in the league.  We need to play our game.”

Next up for Brotherhood is a 3 game set at Legendary.  Wonderboy hosts Girl Power.


Legendary destroys the Outlaws 17-3 in route to a dominant 3 game sweep as Andre The Giant continues his assault.  This game was scoreless after 2 innings until Dolph Ziggler got into trouble in the top of the 3rd.  He walked the bases loaded and gave up a 2 run double to Triple H and a 2 run single to Hulk Hogan for a 4-0 Legendary lead.

In the top of the 5th after a walk to Andre and a single to Hacksaw Jim Duggan Triple H smacked a 3 run HR that chased Ziggler.  Andrade relieved him and promptly gave up a solo HR to Hogan and the rout was on.  Andre who had another massive game hit a solo HR in the 6th and a 3 run shot in the 9th bringing his league leading totals to 7 HR’s and 14 RBI’s.  Andre also walked 3 times and scored 5 runs also leading the league in that category with 12.

But today wasn’t just about Andre.  Hogan had 4 hits and 4 RBI’s.  Triple H had 4 hits and 7 RBI’s.  Ric Flair went the distance as the Outlaws only managed a meager rally in the 8th inning.  Michael Hayes had this to say after the game about Andre.  “Unbelievable 3 game stretch.  You just can’t be better than that.  The rest of the team has to feed of him like Hulk and Triple H did today.  Flair was pretty special today too.”

A very angry Vince McMahon had this to say after the game.  “Disgusting.  Unacceptable.  Disrespectful.  And it won’t be tolerated.  These boys better figure out if they want to play in this team.”

Next up for Legendary is a home series vs Brotherhood.  The Outlaws will visit Wonderboy.

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