Daily Blog 6-17

So the dust has settled on the NBA Finals and it’s the let’s bash Lebron James party again.  No one is bashing Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh after their horrible performance in the series against the Spurs.  Lebron actually played really well.  It Is amazing how much people don’t like him or prefer Michael Jordan.  Lebron does more than Jordan on the court.  That is a fact.  But The Big Three aside and the 6 rings to 2 what is the real comparison between the two players.  Lebron often is forced to guard the best offensive player on the opposing team.  Jordan had Scottie Pippen widely regarded as the best defensive player in the game at that time to handle that.  Lebron is often needed to rebound.  Jordan had Horace Grant then Dennis Rodman who’s chief responsibility was to rebound.  Finally Lebron now has lost 3 NBA Finals to Jordan’s none.  Forget the fact that Lebron’s trip to the finals with Cleveland was just him and a bunch of nobodies.  Jordan never took a team to the finals that had basically nobody.  Plus he had Phil Jackson as his coach for all of those championships.  This debate will ultimately come to an end now because it will be hard for Lebron to get 6 rings.  Maybe Duncan will get 6 rings.  Maybe Kobe gets his sixth ring of the Lakers bring in hired guns.  This offseason will be the most interesting the NBA has seen since the decision.

It is amazing how 2 teams who both lost the championship series in 5 games are looked at differently.  The Heat need to be dismantled, rebuilt or re tooled how ever way  you look at it.  The New York Rangers are looking to find that missing piece of the puzzle.  Granted the Rangers lost 3 games in overtime and had some bad luck as well.  That is sports for you.  While the Rangers do have some decisions to make and you can expect a handful of changes their core will remain in tact but it is so hard in hockey to get back to that spot.

Everyone is now into the World Cup.  Soccer is still not in the mainstream of America yet as far as interest.  The big 4 sports remain intact and Soccer is not in that party yet.  But we Americans can every 4 years get into the tournament.  USA beat Ghana 2-1 yesterday in their first game of the tournament and now get ready to face Portugal who got embarrassed 4-0 in their opener who also have injury issues and also a key player on suspension.  I watched the whole second half and I was wondering did I already miss the biggest moment of the game,.  The US scored 30 seconds into the game and for 80 minutes this held up until Ghana tied it up and the US eventually got the winner 4 minutes later.  To me and I have never played the sport before the game is really boring with very little action.  But I tell you this those guys are great athletes.  It looked to be scorching hot out there by the number of injuries and fatigued players out there.

I heard a comparison of Tim Duncan vs Kobe Bryant.  As a Laker fan you would think I would say Kobe had the better career.  Not so fast.  Here is the comparisons.  Each have 5 rings.  Kobe’s are consecutively and Duncan’s are more spread out.  Duncan has had the same coach and system for his whole career.  Kobe hasn’t.  Kobe had Shaq and that combo should have won more titles.  Kobe had had to deal with more drama a lot of that was brought on my himself.  Duncan was and is never in the conversation of the greatest player of all time.  While Michael Jordan will be the best ever Kobe finds his way into that discussion.  All the while Duncan might be a better bet to get that 6th championship than Kobe.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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