It’s conference championship Sunday and the theme for today’s games are the number 12 and rain.  The weather report says that there will be rain during both games and the number 12 means that QB’s Tom Brady, Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers all wear the number 12 and the Seahawks boast the 12th man.  I went 6-2 last week against the spread and with the over unders so here is what I have for today.

packers 2seahawks

Seahawks -8 44.5.  The rain will be a huge factor here as it will slow everyone down which certainly favors the Seahawks.  The health of Rodgers is also a huge factor as part of his effectiveness is his mobility and the ability to make a few plays with his legs.  Also the Packers were humiliated in Seattle to open the season.  Look for the Packers to stack the box and try to contain beast Running Back Marshawn Lynch and also keep QB Russell Wilson in the pocket.  Also if RB Eddie Lacy can get going early then the Pack will be in business.  As for Seattle I know for a fact that the Seahawk fan base is supremely confident and maybe even over confident.  The Seahawks were not crisp against the Panthers and if they play the same way this week they will be in serious trouble.  Rodgers won’t make the same mistakes that Cam Newton did.  Who are Newton, Carr, Eli, Smith, Stanton, Kaepernick, Sanchez, Kaepernick, Lindley, Hill and Newton?  Those are the names of the QB’s that played against the Seahawks during this 10-1 stretch they are currently on.  Eli Manning moved the ball well and Alex Smith beat them in KC.  The rest are all either bad QB’s or regressing as Colin Kaepernick is.  In fact when they were 3-3 2 of those losses were to Tony Romo and Philip RIvers and then needed OT to beat Peyton Manning.  However Seattle will say they had key players out which is true but something they will have to learn to deal with as this team gets broken up when everyone gets paid.  A healthy Rodgers would have been a great test here but he is not.  I think either team can win and I say Packers 31 Seahawks 27 as Rodgers drives the team in the final minute to win the game.

colts 2pats 2

Patriots -7 52.  If the theme is the changing of the guard isn’t it fitting that Andrew Luck beat Peyton Manning in what could be his last game ever.  However Tom Brady is not ready to call it quits yet.  Again rain is predicted and this would favor the Colts.  Anytime you can make the Pats one dimensional you give yourself a chance.  But the Pats are not the same one trick pony anymore.  They can play defense and Revis will lock down Hilton.  The Colts defensive performance from last week shocked all of us.  I am not sure if Manning was really that injured cause he was throwing some serious ducks out there.  if he was injured I am less impressed with the Colt defense.  But against the Pats it’s hard to tell just what kind of offense they will roll out.  That makes it really hard to prepare for them.  Belichick will also have something new for Luck to think about.  I would love the Colts to win this game but I just can’t see it.  I don’t think they are ready yet.   Patriots 31 Colts 16.

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