After going 6-2 in the Divisional Round I came back this week and went 3-0 with a push.

patriots 3colts 3

Let’s start with this game cause we will be done quick.  As I mentioned earlier today Belichick will have something different for the Colts and he did.  I also wondered if the Colts defense was really good or did they capitalize on a injured Peyton Manning last week.  Well we got our answer.  45-7.  Andrew Luck will be back but this team needs some toughness on defense.  Patriots are going for # 4.

seahawksPackers 4

Now the Green Bay Packers players, coaches and front office will think about this game for a long long time.  The Pack had many chances to put this team away.  First and goal twice and settling for field goals.  Shame on you Mike McCarthy.  Dropping passes on third down.  The onside kick where the Tight End who was supposed to be blocking goes for the ball and of course allowing a TD on a missed field goal.  Throw in the last interception of Wilson where the defender just slid down instead of running to change field position more.  Now for the Seahawks.  You didn’t win this game because of mojo or god or belief or basically anything you did.  There was a ton of luck and a ton of bad Packer play.  Hey who cares right.  Go to the Supper Bowl with smiles on your face.  This game wasn’t won because of the greatness of Russell Wilson either.  He proved once again that without a running game he is incapable of winning football games.  His play improved once Marshawn Lynch starting running the ball.  Case closed.  Seahawks and your fans if you can’t admit that then we can’t talk.  Karma is a bitch and to quote the great Jeremy Piven in the movie Two For The Money “Football Gods Fickel People.  Easily Offended”.

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