College Football Roundup 10-19

Let’s jump right into the big game.  Notre Dame vs Florida State.  The pic play.  Was it the right call or not.  Well it is a penalty.  It also is a play every team runs.  It is also a play that is not usually called for a penalty.  ND ran the same play in the first quarter and nothing was called.  FSU complained about it and in the 4th quarter with the game on the line now it’s a penalty.  A play like that should either be a penalty all the time or not.  Anyway it was a great game.  Easily the best game of the year.  What we learned is that Notre Dame is good and has players and is ready to compete at the top level.  ND has the games left on the schedule that if they ran the table they could be in the final four.  What we also learned is that FSU will be the champs until they are dethroned.  They did find a way to win and despite how much of a jerk he is off the field Jaemis Winston is a really good football player.  What we also now know and confirmed that FSU is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Winston on the field no matter what he does because he is the team.  Jimbo Fisher may be a good coach but he made a jackass of himself last night talking about the class and respect and dignity his QB shows off the field.  That is a disgrace.  Winston better behave the rest of the year and he will turn pro after this year because he has to now.  The second Fisher praised his character he has now put the nail in his coffin.

Did I really hear what Rutgers Head Coach Kyle Flood said after the Ohio State debacle yesterday.  He said “If we play our game we can compete with any team in the country.”  Are you serious Coach Flood.  That has to be the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard in my entire life.  They are 5-2 and won’t win another game the rest of the year.  Rutgers just does not belong in the Big Ten.  They could never win the Big Least conference even after it was scaled down when West Virginia left.   This program which is still riding that Louisville win on Thursday night a long time ago during the Greg Schiano era.  They have done nothing as a program to be considered among the best in the country.  And one other thing.  The Michigan win does not mean anything except for the beat down that UM will give them once they get their program straightened out.  I have never seen a crowd storm the field after beating a 2-3 team.  Rutgers likes to call themselves new York’s team.  That is a joke.  They will never be New York’s team.  They will never ever be big time either.

What demise of Alabama.  They layed the smack down on Texas A & M yesterday.  Alabama will always have players and always have a great team.  Sometimes you can’t win by 21 every week. But this was a much needed blowout to get Bama back on the playoff radar.  They still have work to do.

The game between Baylor and West Virginia featured 32 penalties.  Really.  That is such a joke.  What happened to letting the kids play.  I was watching a lot of that game and some of those calls didn’t have to be made.  Baylor got flagged for a lot of pass interference penalties that WVU did not get called for doing the same thing.  350 yards in penalties for both teams combined is a bit much.

While we are on the subject of penalties FOX very brilliantly hired Mike Pereira to discuss all reviews for the NFL games.  They also use him for college games too.  As we all know this is a copycat league.  So when CBS hired Mike Carey to do the same thing I thought cool.  This will work.  NOT.  CBS goes to Mike Carey after the ruling which is too late.  Pereira gives his opinion before the ruling.  There was a play yesterday when a Baylor offensive player decked a WVU defender knocking him out cold and springing his player for a touchdown.  The flag came out and they disqualified the player and took back the touchdown.  Thankfully NCAA has a review process for these type of plays.  Pereira came out and said the call was bad because the hit was legal and went on to say football is a violent game and injuries happen and what is the player supposed to do.  He put his shoulder into his chest.  The call was overturned and the player was not ejected.  Pereira as usual was spot on.




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