College Football Review 11-23

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College Football Review 11-23

Florida State Seminoles

jimbo winston

What else can be said about Florida State that hasn’t already been said.  As a team they keep flirting with defeat.  They always find a way to win.  Florida next weekend won’t be easy cause they have talent.  But this team is just daring you to not vote them high which of course is not possible.  As long as they are undefeated they will be in the top 4.  If they lose to Florida or Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship game they will not be in the playoffs.  That is guaranteed.  FSU is now the most hated team in college football in my opinion.  Even the Alabama haters wish they could play them in the playoffs and clean their clocks.  Furthermore can Jameis Winston stay out of trouble.  Seriously the guy should have been thrown out of the game for pushing a referee.  I don’t care what the reason was.  I thought the rules were that if you put your hands on the referees you are ejected.  He never even got a penalty.  Jimbo fisher you prove every week that you are a clown.  I don’t envy you because you have to defend your players but you have not shown any ability to control anybody in your program.

Georgia Bulldogs

I think Georgia was a winner yesterday for a few reasons.  Ole Miss losing eliminates them from the playoffs.  That is one less team to worry about.  Georgia Tech won again and is now ranked 15.  By beating them who could potentially win the ACC championship game is a small but nice feather in their cap.  And Arkansas continues to roll and the Bulldogs need the Hogs to beat Missouri to get into the SEC Championship game.  I have been saying for weeks would the committee not take a 2 loss SEC champion for the playoffs.

Ole Miss Rebels

Miss State Bulldogs

The two Mississippi teams are both losers from yesterday.  First Ole Miss has seen their season go down the drain completely.  They had an outside chance of winning the SEC.  Now after getting destroyed by Arkansas all they can do us play the spoiler.  Mississippi State needed a win against a highly ranked Ole Miss to impress the committee.  Ohio State and the Big 12 teams are breathing down their necks.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State is a big winner and they didn’t light up Indiana like we all thought they would.  They are big winners because of big wins by Michigan State, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  With wins over the Spartans and the Gophers and their potential Big 10 championship game vs the Badgers their quality wins look better and better.  If they win out they win out they will be in the top 4 in the final rankings.

kelly golson notre dame 2

Notre Dame was once 6-0 and really should have beat Florida State in Tallahassee.  Since then the season has free falled with the Irish losing to Arizona State, Northwestern and Louisville.  Has Brian Kelly had enough?  If he thinks he can’t get the quality athletes in the school to be a power house does he toe the waters in the NFL pool again?  I think he could be gone.  He doesn’t sound disappointed after losses anymore.  Now while some will say he has done a great job at ND and he has.  He got this team to the national championship game a few years ago even though they were blown out.  Kelly who does a lot of yelling at players on the sidelines may have to change that style if he goes to the NFL.  But what has me disturbed is that Kelly who is a quarterback coach can’t get his star QB to learn how to value the football and not five it away like candy to trick or treaters.  One thing for sure is if Kelly leaves Irish eyes won’t be smiling anymore.


Can the SEC stop scheduling these games against bad teams?  It’s a guaranteed 30 -50 point win and it is just to keep their rankings up late in the year.  No one wants to see these teams play SEC teams in November.

Boise StateMarshall

Colorado State Rams

Finally Colorado State, Boise State and Marshall.  Kudos to you.  Your teams will never get a chance for the playoffs and that is too bad.  I would love to see all of you playing on New Years Day and it looks like that is all your goals too.  Keep plugging away.

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