College Football Power Rankings 10-30-14

As we head into November here are my rankings of the top 10 college football teams.

miss st

1.  Mississippi State.  No change here from last week.  Should beat Arkansas this week.  They still have their 2 biggest tests to come in November.


2.  Florida State.  No change here also.  Road game vs Louisville.  Can be a tough game.  Probably wins out unless Jaemis gets suspended.


3.  Alabama.  Up one from last week.  The Crimson Tide seem to have righted the ship a bit here.  But 3 brutal games stand between them and the SEC championship game.


4.  Auburn.  Up one from last week.  Brutal road game at Ole Miss this week.  2 more brutal road games are on the horizon too.


5.  Notre Dame.  Up one from last week.  Will beat Navy soundly this week and needs to win out to be in the top 4.


6.  Oregon.  Up one from last week.  Biggest nemesis Stanford comes to Eugene this week.  Should win but needs to shore up their defense.


7.  Michigan State.  Up one from last week.  Ohio State didn’t play so well in a win.  Overall a bad last week for the Big Ten.  On bye this week preparing for showdown at home vs the Buckeyes.

Ole Miss

8.  Ole Miss.  Down from 3 last week.  Losing at LSU derailed the train a bit.  After this week the schedule lightens up til the Egg Bowl.  Man these SEC West teams beat each other up.


9.  TCU.  Not ranked last week.  Now is the class of the Big 12.


10.  Georgia.  Not ranked last week.  Auburn is left on the schedule.  Should beat Florida this week.  Kentucky can be a challenge. If they win out they could be the only SEC team in the playoffs.



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