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Now that the first ever playoffs are set there is still some issues left to discuss.  I will go discuss the 6 teams that made up the top 6.  What we have learned from this first year is that the week to week rankings don’t mean squat.  How does TCU win by 50 points and drops 3 spots to # 6.  I would expect the committee to do things differently next year.  But this is already a success because we get the undefeated defending champs and the 2 teams that all of us except for Art Briles and the Big 12 conference feel are the best in the country.  What we also must remember is that this is not the BCS rankings or the AP or the Coaches Poll and there is no formula being concocted.  If we still had the AP poll relevant then TCU would not have dropped 3 spots after winning buy 50.  Even though they won’t admit it but they may have chosen OSU because of their brand name and of who their head coach is.  If Texas or Oklahoma were in TCU’s or Baylor’s spot are they getting shut out of the tournament?  We all knew the 5th team would complain about not getting in.  Look at the basketball tournament.  68 teams make it and there is always that one or two teams who say we should have made it.

alabama 3# 1 seed Alabama.  You can argue that Oregon could have been # 1 and Bama # 2.  But does it really matter.  We got the best 2 matchups anyway.  Alabama finished really strong with blow out victories in their last 2 games.  It’s not debatable that the SEC West has the overall best collection of teams in any division or conference.  We knew they would beat each other up all year long which they did.  We came one Missouri win from having a playoff without a SEC team in the mix.

oregon 2# 2 seed Oregon Steamrolled their way to the playoffs.  No one can dispute their spot in the tournament.  The Ducks with the 2014 Heisman Trophy Award winner avenged their only loss by destroying nemesis Arizona in the Pac 12 Title game.  Now we get the match up the last 2 Heisman Award winners on Jan 1.  But beware Oregon.  if you have the chance you need to put the Seminoles away if you have the chance.  What we have learned is that FSU knows how to find ways to win.  Plus they have the speed to play defense with the Ducks high powered offense.

fsu 2#3 seed Florida State The way the committee has bounced them around you would wonder if they would have been more on the bubble if they weren’t the defending champs.  Every week is a close call and their opponents leave the field thinking they should have won.  They remind me so much of Notre Dame from 2 years ago.  They went undefeated because of their defense and got killed in the National Championship game against Alabama.  This is different.  FSU are the defending champs.  FSU is a power team in the country.  Whether you like thme or hate them, whether you like Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston or you hate them they deserve to be here.  In a game where we will see the last 2 Heisman winners I expect a shoot out.  That chip on the shoulder of the Seminoles keeps getting bigger each week.

osu 3#4 seed Ohio State Now on their 3rd string quarterback they are in the playoffs basically because of a blowout win over Wisconsin in the Big 10 Title game and also because Urban Meyer is the head coach and they are an established brand.  This is why rankings are so absurd especially early in the season.  The Buckeyes would have been ranked higher initially if Braxton Miller didn’t get hurt in August.  They would not have lost to Virginia Tech either.  But Meyer had to break in a new QB who had not worked with the first team all spring.  Is it debatable who the better QB is?  Absolutely.  Would Miller have this team in the same spot.  We don’t know.  But what we do know is that OSU would have been ranked higher initially and that means we probably are not having so much debate about the top 4.


baylor 2# 5 seed Baylor

tcu 2#6 seed TCU
I will lump these two together because they have the same argument and are from the same conference.   Art Briles made a fool of himself but I get it.  Your fighting for your team and your program.  But here is what you need to do.  Both teams.  1.  Schedule better non conference opponents.  All the other teams play at least one legitimate non conference opponent.  I know the SEC has to stop with these mid November cup cake games.  2.  Tell your conference chairman or whoever to get yourselves a title game and not name co champions.  Let’s face it the Big 12 would have been lucky to get one team in let alone 2 so I am not sure what the benefit is to have co champions when the league rules state Baylor should have been declared the champion.  3. Most importantly on Jan 1 Baylor go out and beat Michigan State and TCU go out and beat Ole Miss.  Prove you belong.  I do feel for TCU more so because I have seen them play big in January 1 bowl games before.  But the problem is they lost to Baylor in a game they gift wrapped to them otherwise they are in the playoffs.




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