College Football Blog 10-13

As we are heading towards the first ever playoff in college football and the first ever rankings at the end of the month the games get more compelling and harder to predict.  Now with the top 4 teams involved in a playoff system one loss does not destroy your season.

So we’ll start right there with Alabama.  They lived a charmed life.  Always ranked in the top 3 in the pre season.  Their one loss does not kill them because after they lose so does every one else.  They are ranked 7 right now.  FSU plays ND this week and then their is the Egg Bowl later in the season between Ole Miss and Miss St.  So if Bama wins out right they will be no lower than 5 and probably sneak into the playoff pool.  Now they still have LSU, Miss St and Auburn on the schedule so chances are they will lose again because this is not a vintage Sabin squad.  But here they are even with a loss still in the hunt.

Now onto the team that no one wants in the playoff pool.  And not because they are so good.  When Notre Dame went undefeated in 2012 no one thought they would give Alabama a game and they were right.  But still ND did what it had to do to go undefeated including road wins in Oklahoma and USC.  Down years for both programs.  Here is ND again now 6-0 and ranked 5th in the country.  But unlike 2012 they have to go on the road against the defending champion Florida State University.  In 2012 ND had a rock solid defense that never bent.  This year’s version is good but not as good as that one.  The difference is QB Everett Golson is now a force on offense and has a knack of making plays–both positive and negative.  One thing is for sure he needs to protect the ball better if the Irish want to win at FSU.  Should ND win they will be undefeated going into the USC game.  USC will no doubt want to play spoiler and are better equipped to do that this year than in 2012.

Ole Miss and Miss St are relevant now.  Both are defeating ranked teams regularly.  it is a shame that only one of them can make the playoff pool.  The problem is both can be undefeated going into the Egg Bowl thanksgiving weekend.  There will be no time for the loser make up the rankings.  That is how it goes especially since only one can get to the conference championship game.

Florida State had another ho hum win against Syracuse.  This is a team begging to get beat.  Now all we need is that one team to step up and beat them.  Plus I believe every one is getting tired with Jameis Winston and his antics.  He really needs someone to reel him in and calm him down.  He is going to ruin his future.  You would think with the NFL worried about his image and now finally cracking down on the players for conduct do you really think NFL teams want someone like him running their offense no matter how good a player he is.

And there is the Baylor Bears from Waco Texas.  Off that great comeback and seeing the Baylor QB Bryce Petty saying how people still doubt them and how their defense is under rated.  Please you just gave up 58 points at home and should have lost the game.  be happy you got the win and stayed undefeated.  But still Baylor is right there and most likely will be in the playoff pool if they are the undefeated conference champs.

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