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The playoffs started and well the results of the 2 games were surprises.

Ohio State 1

The Ohio State Buckeyes shocked a lot of people with their performance against Alabama.  Down 20-6 Urban’s boys flipped the script and dominated the game the rest of the way to win 42-35.  Meyer with this win seems to have cemented his legacy no matter what Ohio State does in the finals as if his legacy needed to be defined.  The Buckeyes were on the bubble as the 4th playoff team and got in because of their brand and the reputation of Meyer.  None of that matters anymore as they beat Alabama and the suddenly over rated SEC West.  We were focusing on third string quarterback Cardale Jones probably for far too long.  Jones may have been the third string qb but he also may have been a highly sought after recruit who was a 4 or 5 star player in high school who got below 2 other players on the depth chart.

oregon 2

The Oregon Ducks layed the smack down on the dis respectful Florida State Seminoles(more on that later) to the tune of 59-20.  Oregon played faster, crisper and more cleaner in this game with little mistakes.  The Noles who toed the line all year long finally ran into a buzzsaw and could not overcome their mistakes.  The Ducks now will be the favorites against the Buckeyes.  Their offense strikes quick and goes for the knock out punch when they get a chance.  Heisman winner Marcus Mariota showed the world why he won that award and why he will be the first pick in the NFL draft.  But let’s give a lot of credit to the Duck defense.  They were attacking and tenacious and forced the Seminoles to turn the ball over 5 times.

fsu 2

When you win 29 games in a row and especially after this year where the Seminoles avoided defeats almost every week I suppose you get a chip on your shoulder especially when the playoff committee didn’t really respect them.  There was star quarterback’s Jameis Winston’s continued off the field incidents to deal with.  As well as other players issues.  There was Jimbo Fisher’s insane and idiotic description of his team and his qb as classy and good citizens.  This is on top of the many games won where this team pulled losses out of the fire and turned them into wins.  But classless is not a strong enough word to describe the post game performance by this team.  Firstly the majority of the team ran right to the locker room after the game instead of shaking hands with the Oregon players.  Let’s not boo hoo and give this team a break cause they had their 29 game win streak snapped.  I can remember several times after wins FSU players dancing and whooping it up after wins with the other team still on the filed already crushed when the Noles pulled yet another miracle win.  if you are going to act that way after wins you need to take your medicine when you lose.  The lead is from head coach Jimbo Fisher and his band of good Samaritans.  Then there is Winston.  He is a great player with alot of talent.  No doubt about it.  But his post game comments are ridiculous.  To say that game could have gone either way when you lose by 39 points is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life and shows a lot about his character or lack of it.  At least he didn’t run back to the locker room after the game like the rest of his team mates.


Make no mistake about it.  The SEC West showed nothing.  We heard all year long how rough and tough these teams are.  7 teams played bowl games and 5 lost which includes Alabama, Auburn, LSU and both Mississippi teams.  In fact we were one Missouri win in the SEC championship game from not having a SEC team in the playoffs altogether.  Is this the end of the SEC dominance?  No but Urban Meyer will get players as will new Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.  Other schools will start to get looks too.  Once SEC fans were saying 3 teams deserved to be in the playoffs.  Now the SEC is left licking their wound.

tcu 2baylor 2

TCU and Baylor have been linked together because as co winners of the Big 12 both were shut out of the playoffs.  Baylor was ranked 5 and beat TCU and should have been named Big 12 champion.  TCU was ranked 3 and beat Iowa State by 50 points and dropped to 6.  Both have legitimate gripes for not being selected to the playoffs.  TCU handled their business the right way.  Coach Gary Patterson expressed disappointment in not making the playoffs and didn’t bitch and moan and got his team ready for a bowl game vs Ole Miss and blew them off the field.  That is the kind of statement you want your coach and program to make.  Now take Baylor Coach Art Briles who bitched and complained and moaned about not making the playoffs who voted his own team ahead of Alabama.  Briles showed no class and his team could have made a statement by beating Michigan State and instead they choked up a 4th quarter lead and lost.

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