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Throwback uniforms for all sports.

Throwback Logo Of The Day 7-8

Today’s throwback logo of the day comes to us from the Southern League.  We played our home games in Jackson Tennessee for 12 years.  and were part of the Chicago Cubs Organization before moving to Nashville and joining the Seattle Mariners organization.


We are the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx

west tennessee diamond jaxx 1 west tennessee diamond jaxx 2 west tennessee diamond jaxx 3 west tennessee diamond jaxx 4

Throwback Logo Of The Day

Today’s throwback logo comes to us from the International League.  We played our home games in Ottawa Ontario.  We were the triple A affiliate of the Montreal Expos, Baltimore Orioles and the Philadelphia Phillies.  The franchise was sold and moved to Allentown Pennsylvania ending our tenure in Ottawa in 2007.

We are the Ottawa Lynx


ottawa lynx 1 ottawa lynx 2 ottawa lynx 3 ottawa lynx 4

Throwback Logo Of The Day 3-20

Today’s throwback logo of the day comes to us from Tucson Arizona.  We were part of the Arizona Diamondbacks organization.  We played in Tucson from 1998-2008.  We were sold and moved to Reno and are now knows as the Aces.  But we are still part of the Arizona Diamondback Organization.


We are the Tucson Sidewinders

sidewinders 1 sidwinders 2


Throwback Logo Of The Day 3-19

Today’s logos comes to us from the American Basketball League.  This team traveled through 3 states and in each state attendance was an issue.  We were establishd in 1967 in our original city of Oakland we were owned by a group that included singer Pat Boone.  We were able to sign NBA Star Rick Barry from cross town NBA rivals San Francisco Warriors who lead us to our only championship in the 1968-1969 season.  Our attendance was poor and Boone’s group was forced to ell the team to a Washington DC lawyer Earl Foreman who moved the team to DC but for some unexplained reason the team stayed in the Western Division making travelling more expensive.

As the NBA/ABA merger talks were swirling around NBA owner Abe Pollin wanted to move his Baltimore franchise to DC but did not want another team in his city.   Foreman wanted to regionalize the team in Virginia so after the only season 1969-1970 the team was moved again.  In Virginia we lasted from 1970-1976 before finally folding under financial restraints.

Rick Barry, who originally played with the inaugural Oaks, appeared on the August 24, 1970 front cover of Sports Illustrated in a Squires uniform; in the accompanying article inside the magazine, Barry made several negative remarks about the Commonwealth of Virginia. (He angered Southerners by remarking that he didn’t want his children to grow up saying, “Hi, y’all, Dad.”) On September 1, 1970, the Squires traded Barry to the New York Nets for a draft pick and $200,000. The negative comments weren’t the primary reason; rather, Foreman was still bogged down by financial troubles and sold Barry to help meet his expenses.

In 1971 we drafted DR J Julius Erving and by the 1972-1973 seasin we paired him with a young George Gervin.  But they only played together for a half a season as DR J was sold to the Nets in the off season and Gervin was sold to the Spurs during the 1974 season.  With financial problems mounting and top players being sold the losses mounted and popular coach Al Bianchi was fired.  The team was bouncing payroll checks and the franchise was not deemed valuable enough to keep.  After the 1976 season the ABA folded the franchise.

Who are we?

Oakland Oaks


washington Caps


Virginia Squires

squires 3 squires 2 squires 1

Throwback Logo Of The Day 3-18

Today’s logo comes to us from the South Atlantic League.  We played our home games in Columbus Georgia but we reside in Bowling Green Kentucky since the 2009 season.  We are part of the Tampa Bay Rays organization but during our time in Columbus we were part of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization as well as the Rays.  From 2001-2006 when we were part of the Dodgers we had a different team name as well as residing in Wilmington North Carolina  and Albany Georgia bu were known professionally as hailing from South Georgia but with the same team name.


Who Are We?

South Georgia/Wilmington Waves

waves 1 waves 2


Columbus catfish

catfish 1 catfish 2 catfish 3 catfish 4